You can finally play the beautiful, hand-drawn RPG Indivisible on Xbox Game Pass once again

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now dive into the unique and beautifully hand-drawn RPG Indivisible once more.

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shinoff218349d ago

Fun game from what i played of it.

blackblades49d ago

It was iight the main character is meh like she got no brains. I lost interest in it and don't wanna finish it honest as in I dont feel like amd dont force it. Maybe playing it with a handheld probably help. Tried it with remote play on phone once looked good but no controller

Eidolon49d ago

I actually played because it was leaving last time and read great things, I loved it. It actually left just before beating, I even thought turning off network to get the final achievement would work( I don't think it did), but I did beat it when it was technically out of Game Pass. Might get back in to get those last few achievements.


Top 10 PlayStation Plus Premium Hidden Gems

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shinoff2183666d ago (Edited 666d ago )

Not to bad.

whitbyfox666d ago

Gravity Rush 1 and 2 are amazing can you believe the guy who created Silent Hill created these.

PixelOmen666d ago

Gravity Rush 2 is probably the most underrated game on PS4.

DarXyde665d ago

Agreed. And it was definitely top 5 on the platform for me. Genuinely loved how charming the series is/was.I loved it so much that I Platinumed it twice (Gravity Rush 2 and its Japanese variant, Gravity Daze 2).
Such a lovely series. I say this once every 3 or so months, but Sony committed the gravest sin in my eyes by dismantling my favorite Sony studio, Japan Studio and I really had a hard time forgiving that.

666d ago
BlaqMagiq1666d ago

Absolute classics, both Gravity Rush 1 & 2.


Top 10 PlayStation Plus Premium RPGs

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672d ago
Zeke68672d ago

I'm glad Nioh got some love, but I think Nioh 2 should be there too, an even more polished game imho. :)

ChasterMies671d ago (Edited 671d ago )

The graphics of 2015’s Bloodborne do not hold up. This game needs a remaster.

shinoff2183666d ago

I personally dont think ff10 is the best ff on there and bloodborne imo is the best rpg on there. I guess i still prefer my jrpg to be turn based and not action rpgs.


Humble Tales of Love & Adventure Game Bundle out now

The Humble Tales of Love & Adventure Game Bundle just launched today. It features Indivisible, Blacksad: Under the Skin, and Telltale Batman Shadows Edition, Tales of Monkey Island, and more. As usual, you pay what you want. A percentage goes to support charity.

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