Games Leaving Game Pass In February Include FFXV Royal Edition and More

Microsoft has updated the list of games that will be leaving Xbox Game Pass in February and it includes Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and others.

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Lore38d ago

I still don’t understand how the narrative for Gamepass is that it is a better service than PS Now (as of today, not the future). PS Now has over 800 games available and majority of them do not rotate ensuring you get all the time you need to complete them. Whereas Gamepass has only 100 games. You can argue that every 1st party title will be available from day 1, but looking at the past data Microsoft pushes out about 1-3 mediocre 1st party games per year.

Doesn’t add up for me.

Lexreborn238d ago

Marketing is a hell of a thing. I have both and I honestly prefer PS Now over game pass. But I use both passively these days. 60 bucks is 100% better then 180.

38d ago
--Onilink--38d ago

Only 100 games?... where did you get that number? Last I checked when it added EA Play it was around 350

Lore38d ago

It’s consumers like you that concern me. EA Play was not part of the equation for the past couple of years, while their marketing of the service/product has remained unchanged.

--Onilink--38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Oh yeah, totally forgot I was replying to a comment made many years ago. Certainly now that gamepass has EA Play we should definitely NOT count them because several years ago it didnt have them.
I’ll also go ahead and start telling people they shouldnt talk about God of War or Ghost of Tsushima because they didnt exist many years ago too....

DJStotty37d ago

Gamepass for console - 250+ games
Gamepass Ultimate (with eaplay) - 350+ games

Jericho133738d ago

The majority of those 800 games are shovelware, that’s why they don’t rotate.

Gamepass does regularly rotate games but they generally stay on the service for 6-12 months (sometimes longer). Plus you’re starting to see 3rd party games coming day 1. And as the above comment states, there’s around 350 games on there now.

So yeah, that’s why.


"but looking at the past data Microsoft pushes out about 1-3 mediocre 1st party games per year."

"Mediocre" is subjective though. Even as a Sony fan for 20+years, I admit their 1st party library is mostly 3rd person cinematic action games (Uncharted, Rachet and Clank, Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit, Infamous, God of War, Ghosts of Tsushima, The Last of Us, Horizon, Days Gone, Nioh, Spiderman etc.).

Xbox Game Studios objectively has more variety:

Gears Tactics - Squad based tactics game
The Medium - Horror
Ori - 2D platforming
Forza - Racing
MS Flight Simulator - Flight Sim
Gears - 3rd person shooter
Halo - FPS
Tell Me Why - Episodic
Fable - RPG
Hellblade 2/Ryse Son of Rome - Action
The Ascent - Top down shooter
Sea of Thieves - Online party game

Yakuza was one of the few unique standout Playstation IPs in the past few years that truly set the PS4 apart....and now that's on Xbox.

Sony does the 3D person action genre better than anyone in the industry....but not everyone is interested in playing the same genre over and over again. I pick Game Pass.

northpaws38d ago

Well, if you purposely leave out GT, Dreams, Sackboy Adventure, Concrete Genie, Puppeteer, Drive Club, Until Dawn, Persona 5, Astro Bot, any VR games, Bloodborne, and then tag everything else as "cinemetic action", then sure... whatever you say


@northpaws If Dreams, Concrete Genie, Puppeteer, and Astro Bot were Xbox 1st party exclusives, Sony fanboys would criticize Xbox for having "too many indies". But when Playstation does one has a problem with it.

Lore38d ago

I will definitely not argue with the fact that my statement was subjective.

Similar to how I subjectively don’t find one game appealing on your Microsoft list except for Fable (which are 10 year old titles). You should have added Recore to it, highly underrated game.

rakentaja38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

1. It costs about the same as the Playstation Now, but also includes the Playstation Plus (Game Pass Ultimate also includes online features) ... On the Playstation you have to get both ... more expensive.
2. All the first party games are there for the first day. There is nothing like this on a Playstation. All studios have been bought too recently (2017-2018 and up). I'm sure good games will come eventually.
3. Games are usually there for a long time. FFXV was there for 1 year but yes RDR2 only 4 months.
4. There are currently 355 games (console), only 100 are not true.

oakshin38d ago

Ps now has free multiplayer it's gamepass ultimate before gamepass ultimate even existed I play tekken 7 all the time online and I don't have playstation plus

rakentaja38d ago

to oakshin: Game Pass Ultimate is a full-fat online experience for all the games you play, not just the games included in PS Now ... two free games a month and chat and messaging. There must always be a Playstation Plus next to PS Now ... two separate services.

oakshin38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

You know even if you "needed" plus it's still cheaper then gamepass ultimate last game I bought that was multi player is battlefield 5 and I didn't play it much I don't need ps plus to play warzone or apex so why do I need ps plus when ps now has it included

oakshin38d ago

O and one last thank what does "chat and messaging" mean you trying to spread more fud?

I'm not trying to get into a argument or subscription service war I'm but you a fud spreader dude

rakentaja37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

to oakshin: I bet 90% of PS users have active PS Plus (online MP--no matter the game, cloud storage, free games and special discounts on games) ... many good reasons to get it. Sorry I didn't know messaging and parties with friends doesn't need PS Plus (I'm solely an Xbox user) but there it is needed.

oakshin36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It's fine it's just it's time for the fud about ps now to stop is my deal( I have had it for about 6 months and end that time Ive played games like doom eternal greedfall and control just to name a few but these games finally make it to gamepass it's it just proves how great it is but ps now sucks) because it allows me to play more games then I could before I just don't won't it to die because for me it's alot better then ps+ and for $2.50 cent a month( I got a half off sale) it's great Im a power gamer mostly renting is my best option and if gamepass is great then ps now is great to and people should know about it but instead they lesson to crap like you that's posted on every tread on every website on the internet and they believe it's getting old to me because I know about both and if gamepass is great but you start down playing playstation in the same breath that's a dead give away at this point especially when your big games areps now leftovers for the past few months

And it was obvious you don't know about playstation but what you should do is not talk about something you know nothing about like you do (it can get you in serious trouble one day not just corrected on a website) but have I've done it to look at my content history I've tried to be informative but got my facts twisted before but it's was a honest mistake where in your cases you have no idea at all about ps are how it works not good habit to have but you do you and good luck

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TheRealTedCruz38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

1st party titles day one.
Some third party titles day one.
Great third party releases.
Now includes EA Access.
May be bringing Ubi on board.

The numbers speak for themselves. Over 15 million subscribers vs PS Now that literally accounts for 2% of all PS4 owners, despite also supporting all relatively recent Sony platforms as well.

It may not make sense to you, but PS Now is basically a failure. This is coming from someone who is part of that 2%.
The only reason I got use out of PS Now is because I got a PS4 Pro late in the game, so it gave me some of the exclusives to play.

DEEHULK8838d ago

Get it and find out. Looking at PAST(has nothing to do with now) If you like PSNOW so much...WhyTF do you care.

Sitdown38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

You say you don't understand why gamepass is considered a better service, and then when someone corrects your 100 game statement, you start talking about the past. Do you want to talk about why some consider it the best today or in the past? Its obvious you don't want to understand, because you already have the narrative that you are running with by trying to diminish it at every turn.

Fluttershy7738d ago

WH are you talking about? hahahaha "EA Play was not part of the equation... but the marketing remained unchanged." What did you expect them to say?: You should hire it but to be honest currently our service is not that great... hahaha

Tedakin38d ago

When their 23 studios start pushing out their projects it will make a huge difference. Halo Infinite, Perfect Dark , Project Mara, Hellblade 2, Forza, Avowed. Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield, Indiana Jones, etc etc all on Gamepass day 1.

DJStotty37d ago


Gamepass has currently over 250+ games in its library.

PSNOW and Gamepass, are completely different services.

PSNOW should be compared with Xcloud

DJStotty37d ago

I personally would say it is a better service over PSNOW :-

PSNOW - stream 800 titles spanning PS1-4

Gamepass Ultimate -

Xbox live gold subscription included
EA Play subscription included
Gamepass rewards (convert points to vouchers/competitions)
Gamepass for PC included
Xcloud (play xbox games on android on the go)
Exclusive member discounts/deals

No brainer for me

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jairusmonillas38d ago

PS5 is already dominating Series X despite their so called gamepass.


"Domination" means different things to different people. The PS4 version of Call of Duty: Cold War has already outsold The Last of Us 2's lifetime sales...does that make Cold War a better game?

If you're implying that the PS5 is "dominating" the XSX simply because it's selling more....then be consistent with that belief.

Sitdown38d ago

You got to be real insecure to feel the need to make that comment. This article was not about console sales, and nobody even suggested that the Series X was performing better in sales.

DEEHULK8838d ago

Xbox Series X is still selling out everything that they ship, so they just shipped right now. Not saying that it will beat PS5, but there is no way at this point to tell how the systems are truly doing untilvthey are sitting on the shelves.

Orchard38d ago

So how many Sony shares do you own? Because otherwise you don’t win anything by either console dominating. Sorry.

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franwex38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Love how the comments above sound so insecure. It’s an article about Final Fantasy leaving Game Pass, yet they bring up PlayStation.

My subscription service is better than yours! Waaaah.

Great. Good for you. Don’t care about ANY sub services. But, FF15 is a fun game. I encourage people to play it before it leaves.

TheColbertinator38d ago

Unfortunate that FFXV Royal is leaving GamePass as I feel JRPG representation and support is still low on the Xbox space.

neomahi38d ago

Why do they need to leave Game Pass?

notachance38d ago

because the contract obviously expired..

potatoseal37d ago

It would cost a hell of a lot more to keep 3rd party games on there all the time.

Doed anyone know if games can potentially come back into rotation on gamepass?

CYALTR37d ago

Yes they can, they just have to reach an agreement with the publisher. I think GTA V has come and gone and come back before. I don't know about any other games, but I think it is just a matter of contracts.

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