Skyrim has outperformed Starfield throughout 2024

According to SteamDb charts, more people are playing Skyrim than Starfield, and that’s unlikely to change without a major Starfield update.

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isarai48d ago

It's the better game 🤷‍♂️

JL293048d ago (Edited 48d ago )

It's the same game. Bethesda makes the most boring "AAA" games I've ever played.

MrBaskerville48d ago

In some ways, but Skyrim is different in some very important ways.

MrDead48d ago

I can't see how they can make Starfield an enjoyable game without a massive rebuild, better off waiting for Starfield 2. They need Flyable ships not just ones you pivot around a awful skybox, actual exploration, interesting missions that aren't just fast traveling to the next part, interesting companions, custom worlds not endless copy and past structures containing the same bad guys with the same loot in the same place, make the game look interesting as I've never seen anything so styleless and bland, make the cities you visit larger than a small village and one important thing that a space game needs, actual space travel.

shinoff218348d ago

I'd settle fore more lore, and actual exploration. I didn't care about flying a space ship myself. I found it odd just was more concerned with my issues

Tacoboto48d ago

Same here with the flying, and for a long while in my playthrough (just about 60 hours currently) the difficulty on the dogfights felt so imbalanced, especially because of how they gatekept better ship parts from you with the ship levels (or whatever the tiers are called).

It's in a much better technical state now at least, and frame gen with Ultra Settings + DLAA at 1440p ultrawide on a 4070 hits over 100fps. It feels good to play. But I keep myself from finishing because I hope the expansion adds those better things. Exploration, better stories and side quests, vehicles. The update soon for city maps, better QOL that'll eventually come.

Until then (to the topic) Skyrim is still the better game and should be - a decades' worth of updates, fixes, expansions, and insane levels of mods created by or enjoyed by a decades' worth of players

Obscure_Observer48d ago

I´m glad that´s not the picture on Xbox!

Starfield continues to be Bethesda´s most popular game on Xbox throughout 2024 even without any expansion, dlc or official mod support!

And that´s what matter most for us, Xbox console gamers: more RPG on Xbox getting love from the community.

Tapani48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Why on earth such an insignificant wish in life would matter to anyone?
Absolutely beyond me. I would hope and wish people have lives to attend to outside the screens rather than mull over on what brand is getting "love from the community". It's an entertainment related hobby, not a civil rights movement.

anast48d ago

You can't actually think this way, can you? Anyway, thanks, Confucius.

Leeroyw48d ago

But it's not getting the support. That's the point of the article. There's 4568 current players on steam. And I'd imagine way less on xbox. For reference 498,000 players on helldivers on pc right now alone.
But who am I kidding? You seem to have staked your flag in xbox land and won't see anything any other way.

BlackOni47d ago

I'd actually argue it's likely more on Xbox, cuz what other relative exclusives are they playing instead?

Barlos48d ago

Enjoy FF7 Rebirth on your Xbox won't you?

Home of RPGs my arse.

Ironmike48d ago

I enjoy games on both my consoles tbh

Obscure_Observer48d ago

"Enjoy FF7 Rebirth on your Xbox won't you?"

Enjoy your game, man.

No port begging on my part.

You see, I was casting spells like Quadra Magic and Summons like Knights of the Round long before you even know what that game is all about. So I´m not really missing anything.

"Home of RPGs my arse."

Not sure why you got so annoyed about actual facts. Xbox has actual in-house RPG studios, while Playstation has none.

Playstation rely on third party RPG support. Xbox rely on first party AND third party RPG support.

Like I said; facts. It is what it is.

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anast47d ago

Obscure is a N4G treasure and should be protected at all costs.

The Wood48d ago

Da f#q

I guess some live breath and dream of xbox

Kratos_Kart200747d ago

Oh, you're smoking the good stuff...

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NiceneCreeder47d ago

That speaks more to the sad state of affairs on xbox than anything else

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jznrpg48d ago

They didn’t win with Starfielda at all. They were hoping to milk it like Skyrim. They’re not even close

Neonridr47d ago

it's not like the game is just gonna disappear, they will have expansions and updates to hopefully improve the game.

look at No Man's Sky at launch compared to now. Not saying that this will be the case here, but it's not impossible for a game to become better as time goes on.

Crows9048d ago

Not really....it's not more sales dude...it's simply more people playing an already purchased game.

ChasterMies47d ago

No they don’t. These are player counts, not sales. If people are playing their old copy of Skyrim instead of buying Starfield, Microsoft loses.

Neonridr47d ago

it was a joke my man, it's not that deep.