Reel Fishing: Days of Summer Announced for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Switch, and PC

Fishermen, get ready! “Reel Fishing: Days of Summer,” the newest entry in the beloved Reel Fishing series, is causing quite a stir. This brand-new Natsume game seeks to revitalize the franchise by combining a nostalgic summertime feel with an engaging fishing experience.

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Juiceid116d ago

Sorry, a fishing game without a fishing controller is just as bad as a light gun game without a light gun. I miss the glory days of gaming..

CrimsonWing69116d ago

Whoa whoa whoa… c’mon man, fishing mini-games are some of my favorites in games and none of them used a fishing gimmick controller. I’m an old school fan of this series from waaaaay back in the PS1 and I enjoyed it with that original PS1 controller, and I ain’t talking about the Dual Shock one, either.

Abnor_Mal116d ago

Wish there was a vr option for the PS5.

As far as a fishing controller goes, I would hope you could just turn the regular controller sideways and use the thumb stick in a circular motion to simulate a real reel.