Pentiment Will Get 120 FPS Update On Xbox Series X

Josh Sawyer: "120fps will be enabled for XBOX in the next patch. It being disabled is just a bug."

Abnor_Mal115d ago

All the people who were crying about this game running at 120fps on PS5 and not the Xbox Series S/X, now it’s being patched for them and not one person commented in nine hours.

Also that the game wasn’t running at 120fps before due to a bug is a garbage excuse in my opinion. If there was a bug hampering the game running at that frame rate I would think the developers would have handled that well before any thought of a PS5 version running at that frame rate.

raWfodog115d ago

Yep, I said that they wouldn’t have it running at 120 fps on PS5 without making sure it was the same for XSX. That would have been a dummy move.

spicelicka114d ago

Also I would imagine going from 60fps to 120fps in THIS game would be the least noticeable thing in the world. The whole freakin animation in this game is designed to look like it's running at 20fps. People really just sooo swayed by numbers it's amazing.

115d ago

Josh Sawyer Reflects on Design Evolution: From Icewind Dale to Pentiment

Josh Sawyer is a name that has been familiar to RPG fans for decades. He's worked on Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights 2, Alpha Protocol, Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity, and most recently Pentiment. How did he get into game development, how has his design philosophy changed over the years, and why did he decide to do Pentiment a little differently?

thorstein23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Those are some great games. Icewind Dale I & II are underrated.

If Larian made Icewind Dale III, I'd lose my mind.

What a fantastic, thorough interview.


Pentiment (PS5) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "When it’s all said and done, Pentiment is one of the most impressive narrative adventures in recent years. From the words scrawled across the page to impressive background details, there's a distinct appreciation for history coming out of every pore; moreover, it doesn't merely succeed at doing its homework, but also in fashioning unique visual storytelling that harmonizes with its rich narrative & themes. There are some specific design and narrative critiques, but none of them outright smother the abundant successes. For a title so reverent of history, it feels like divine justice that Obsidian's special adventure earns such a high spot in the annals of its own."

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coolbeans88d ago

I'm not surprised to know a scholar would enjoy it. ;)


Pentiment - Review - PSX Brasil

Pentiment demonstrates Obsidian Entertainment's ability to develop excellent games in genres that are currently little explored and Xbox Game Studios' ability to offer these games for new platforms.

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darthv72102d ago

I enjoyed this game. Found it rather relaxing. I hope PS fans find it enjoyable too.

coolbeans88d ago

I get that vibe too. It's funny how it lulls you into that kind of mood until you see someone get angry and hear the harsh quill scratches in someone's speech bubble.