Spectator Mode Podcast Episode 148 – Xbox Games on Switch and PS5

The Outerhaven writes: Spectator Mode Podcast episode 148 - Xbox games have arrived on the PS5 and Switch, while PlayStation revealed that the PSVR 2 is coming to PC. Helldivers 2 is an amazing game, and Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree has a release date.

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ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree | Story Trailer

BANDAI NAMCO - The ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree Story trailer.


Tango Gameworks Dev Asks “Not Enough?” Amid Studio Shutdown Despite Multiple Awards

Amid the studio’s shutdown, a Tango Gameworks developer has questioned whether its many awards were not enough for the Xbox management.

XiNatsuDragnel13d ago

I'm sorry but I'm going for cringe *insert madara got betrayed by black zetsu here* but fr tango it's never enough for Microsoft. Microsoft are cannibals imo

TheProfessional13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Yeah PS hasn't shut down any studios.

Arkane austin made redfall, everything about that was bad regardless of microsft's involvement. Plus prey didn't sell well either.

Tango gameworks shouldn't have been closed though. The others make sense.

notachance13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

it doesn’t take long for xbox fanboys to put on their fanboy glasses again huh?
it’s always the classic combo of “PS did it too” and “it makes sense”.

And they wonder why there’s barely any new fans since xb1 era, that’s because normal people are disgusted by the corporation and its fanboys.

Reaper22_13d ago

"Yeah PS hasn't shut down any studios."

Now you know that's a lie.

thorstein13d ago

Today's lesson in rhetoric:


-a type of red herring fallacy. Both are argumentative fallacies that divert attention away from the original topic to a new one. However, whataboutism uses the new topic to attack the other party, while a red herring fallacy introduces an unrelated topic.

XiNatsuDragnel12d ago

Yes we understand ps isn't perfect especially not recently but this fallacy doesn't mean anything because if ps saw potential they'll cultivate usually and problem particularly tango where they made bangers that xbox needed but nope man shut it down like tf

DarXyde12d ago

1. Why are we talking about PlayStation closing studios? We know they did, but the "they did it too" deflection is such a lazy way to redirect frustration and outrage about what is happening now. We're not talking about Sony, are we? The problem is Microsoft straight up closed studios they've held for less than five years after releasing single projects. And being the cowards they are, they closed Tango when staff was away during Golden Week in Japan.

2. I don't play Arkane games as first person games are not my flavour, but let's look at this exactly as it really is: Microsoft, a company with a market cap over 3 TRILLION dollars, has doubled, tripled, quadrupled, and quintupled down on their Day one subscription service. They have sabotaged their own titles' chances of success related to revenue by doing that—add to the fact that they insisted on having all of these studios with the publishers (refusing to cleave off any studios) and having a drawn out legal battle over ABK. And even with Game Pass, Microsoft had to close the loophole for $1 subs because their players don't even want to pay the full sub fee.

And now, the developers are on the chopping block. Spencer acting as the remorseful figure after Red Fall bombed, yet he's still got his job and the studio is gone.

Stop the madness. And just to appease your whataboutism, yes, Sony deserves this fire too if/when they go that way. I can't speak for others, but I was absolutely livid when they closed Japan studio. I don't even have Plus because they raised the price and haven't had it since.

None of these corporations are good. I wouldn't lose sleep if they all burned to the ground and something that balances labour and consumer best interests came from it.

Until then, keep the anger righteous. Today, that happens to be Microsoft.

Profchaos12d ago

Arkane Austin were under direction for zeninax to make redfail prior to that arkane actually had a really impressive history so one mistake they partially made remember it's zeninax that drove the games direction and it's a yeah they suck they deserve it.

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MrDead13d ago

You have talent but MS is IP hoarding so only the biggest IP's will survive, a few new ones might slip through but if they don't sell like the big titles like COD or Fallout then bye bye and thanks for the money we'll make from continuing to sell your games.

InUrFoxHole12d ago

That's a fair take. While Tango made hi fi it's not like any of there other games were system sellers

Hugodastrevas13d ago

This is legitimately heartbreaking, you pour all you got into your craft, you're recognized for it, you're successful... Just to be discarded like leftovers

MrDead13d ago

The games haven't been discarded, MS just made sure the people who created them are not receiving any money from future sales... like the massive c**** they are.

Palitera13d ago

Well, in the past, they gave away their choice power for money.
They just want to receive the aquisition and full funding money, but still call the shots?

VariantAEC10d ago

Tango is a dev under Bethesda which is part of Zenimax. Microsoft acquired Zenimax and everything under their umbrella. Tango had no choice in the matter.
The more you know...

shinoff218313d ago

Hopefully they can move on and continue, whether forming their own studio, or getting a job elsewhere. This dev is exactly right.

CDbiggen13d ago

I loved ghostwire, such a shame.