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How To Play PlayStation Exclusive Games On Xbox Using Boosteroid

In this howto article, we describe how to play PlayStation "exclusive" games on Xbox via Boosteroid cloud gaming.

God of War, Helldivers, Horizon Zero Dawn and more on Xbox. We've got a how to. We strive to play all games on all screens.

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Community109d ago
shinoff2183109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Cloud lol. Just stop. Shit reminds me of back in the day watching bootlegs talking about those people standing up don't hurt the quality that much.

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shadowT109d ago

you could get a PC for Steam games.

108d ago
Dompoesmod108d ago

Or how about this crazy idea: Just buy a Ps5 and play them natively

Jin_Sakai108d ago

That’s it. Just buy a PS5 and stop all this nonsense.

108d ago
Jin_Sakai108d ago

“Why are you so mad at people having the option to play Playstation games on their Xbox?“

Because you guys want PlayStations games so bad then buy a PS5. Makes sense doesn’t it?

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Dompoesmod108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Or if you want to, you can sell your Xbox series x, and play Xbox series x exclusives like sea of thieves and pentiment as well as ps5 exclusives natively on the ps5

DarXyde108d ago

Agreed. Maintaining a Boosteroid sub is much cheaper than owning the hardware outright.

Excuse me while I take my $500K in savings and rent an apartment in perpetuity for decades.

PhillyDonJawn107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Maybe if it got Halo and Gears but pentiment and SOT? Lol 😂

GamerRN98d ago

Just buy a PS5 and an Xbox and we can end all the console wars...

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Microsoft clearly still cares about Game Pass. Exclusives? Not so much

Regarding Microsoft’s position in the broader game industry, it seems we have our answer: It’s now a publisher first, a subscription platform second, and a console hardware platform a distant third.

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Community1d 21h ago
2d ago
darthv722d ago (Edited 2d ago )

when i hear people use the word "exclusive"... all I can think of is the princess bride:

Christopher1d 18h ago

I would really like for you to expound on this comment.

I assume we both know what exclusive means, but what do you think it infers when utilized in the discussion of games now?

You have pure exclusives, only on one platform no where else. Then you have platform exclusives, available across a family of platforms (such as PS consoles or Xbox consoles). After that you have console exclusives, it's on PC and/or mobile and on a single console system. Then we have timed exclusives, those fall in one of the above but are limited in how long they will last as such.

Understanding that, why do you think the author doesn't understand the word "exclusive"? Do you think it's because everyone should know that games going to Xbox and PC on Day One is what we mean by exclusive now in industry related terms? Do you just ignore that there exist actual exclusives, especially on PC and Nintendo Switch?

Then let's go further in the article where the author said:

"Xbox hardware, and its attitude to console exclusivity for Microsoft-owned games remains ambivalent at best."

Is this the bit you are referencing? Is it a wrong statement? I feel that's up to opinion. But obviously they understand the discussion is about games going only to Xbox and PC. Do they not understand that games like CoD Back Ops 6, Sea of Thieves, DOOM, Fallout 76 being Microsoft developed titles going 'everywhere' they would have if owned by a third-party?

I think they do. And I think this is the crux of their opinion. I feel they are looking at all of this potential power Microsoft is wielding and how they are wielding it. They aren't taking those massive games and making them a foundation to sell their hardware. They're making them a foundation for selling their subscription service and leaving hardware to flounder with no similar titles that would sell the hardware. Sure, there are a few exclusives, but they are going to PC. And that's always going to hurt them in the discussion of 'hardware support'. And now with these latest games, with more games going to more places than just PC, is it not an accurate statement to say that Microsoft's focus is on Games first, subscription second, hardware somewhere down the line in third?

Would like to hear your response. Thank you.

2d ago
XiNatsuDragnel2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I swear xbox is a service now imo

2d ago
Aloymetal1d 19h ago

More like an afterthought. Not even a service. Most gamers around the globe don't care about any of the green ''offerings'' and now that they're going full 3rd party even less.