Rainbow Six Siege Director Believes The Game Does Not Need A Sequel

The Rainbow Six Siege director believes the game does not need a sequel. He points out a variety of things that can go wrong with a sequel.

_SilverHawk_119d ago

The game needs a Sequel with Better physics, handling and animation.

mastershredder118d ago

Says that but, Ubisoft (since it is their decision) will ABSOLUTELY make one.

Murdability117d ago

POV when you’re company is creatively bankrupt

HyperMoused117d ago

hahah yes keep mutating it into a mess, they need to go back to thei rroots and make a swat game and also have SP, i think the last update the cops were space marines

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Rainbow Six Siege Optional Monthly Paid Subscription Sparks Community Outrage

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senorfartcushion24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Paid subs are coming, and every company is investing heavily in them. From Microtransactions to this type of stuff, the community has been vocal about the issues surrounding ripping customers off, but we are being let down by influencers and journalists in trying to fight off these abhorrent business practices. Influencers and journalists don't say enough about how bad this stuff is. Meanwhile th soft buyers in the general public are getting more outraged by the day and whales are being exploited to pay too much of their own money for pointless crap.

A paid sub is partly why I think Xbox can throw Black Ops 6 on to Gamepass day-and-date and still think of it as "good business."

ElaBosak23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

What's bad in this exactly? Explain in detail.

senorfartcushion21d ago

Paid subs and microtransactions are bad.

ElaBosak18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Not my question. What's bad in this exactly? Explain in detail.

senorfartcushion18d ago

It's going to cost you and I more money and we will have less opportunities to play the games we want to play, as well as purchasing games we want to purchase.


ElaBosak17d ago

How is it going to cost you money if you ignore it and don't pay for it?

senorfartcushion17d ago

Because studios are aiming to have this as a mandatory thing. They want people to pay monthly for their experiences, like what you do for Netflix. They don't want single time purchases.

So says a friend of mine who's heard their execs say it for real. And they iterated that EVERYONE wants it.

Stop being stubborn.

ElaBosak16d ago

Wait, so you made some hypothetical scenario up and just got mad about it? This is unhealthy.

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Shikoku24d ago

So PC gaming kills subscriptions model, now they want to bring it back along with season passes, MT, dlc and whatever else they can think of. 🙄

ElaBosak23d ago

What do you mean PC gaming kills subscriptions? PC gaming is what started gaming subscriptions in the first place.

ElaBosak23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Actually a good model. More games should do this.


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