Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 Update Is The Shot In The Arm This Game Needed

Year 9 in Rainbow Six Siege brings Deimos, ACOG sights with new grips, and an interesting roadmap for the upcoming seasons.


R6 Siege Y9S2 "Operation New Blood" Launches June 11; New Features and R6 Membership Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 Season 2 Operation New Blood sees the Recruit rework, the introduction of R6 Membership and more.


Ubisoft Should Revive The Rainbow Six Siege We're All Longing For

Rainbow Six Siege with night maps, ranked mode shakeup, and a return to pure fun would be exactly what Ubisoft needs to return to this game.

Bathyj27d ago

Screw that.
Give me Vegas 3

Redgrave27d ago

Traditional sequels are a thing of the past, much like Bad Company 3 and another very famous and undelivered third entry that goes without saying


Rainbow Six Siege Containment Trailer

Rainbow Six Siege’s Containment event returns today! Inspired by Rainbow Six Extraction, Containment casts the attackers as Team REACT and outfits them in special biohazard gear to take on the defending Proteans, who are transformed into monstruous mutants.

ROCKY2863d ago

UBI is SOFT - Crap company & game - no shadows on characters 😂

Garethvk58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

People have not liked some of the recent offerings but they can still make some good stuff but they need to focus a bit on what fans want to see.