Xbox May Opt For "Timed Exclusivity" In Future, But Should Never Fully Abandon It

Hanzala from eXputer says, "Abandoning exclusives meant while Microsoft could still profit, Xbox would be doomed as a platform; I'm relieved it's not happening."

Lightning7753d ago

They even said it in the article.

"Xbox business meeting clarifies the future of the console, which is that it’s not the end of the platform."

Ives said for the 100th time this past week. LS and AA don't grow console sales, or services. Sustainability and revenue is what it drives. So those types of games only makes sense to drop your walled garden and drop those types of games everywhere.

However Again, logic says Just buy a PS6 if games like Blade, Elder Scrolls, next Halo release on PS6 Day date or year or so after it
Doesn't matter. Makes no sense for an Xbox to even exist and no saying "get it on GP!" definitely won't work because you're getting everything on PS6 including Sony's AAA's. Xbox rental service would render useless. Those AAA games need that walled Exclusive garden to sell your console and services AA or LS drive long term revenue and sustainability but don't grow your console sales or services.

purple10153d ago

blaade is multiplat, mark this post in your calendar or whatever..

I did quite a bit of research just up here interest on who owns which movie characters for licensing, Sony obv owns sipderman in a different way sop thats separate,. But what I found was interesting. Disney have stipulated all Marvel games from now on the multi platform. wolverine also escaped this clause because the deal was agreed so long ago, before this new licensing deal.

it also included the fact Marvel was in financial trouble in the 90s and sold the X-Men to 21st centuryFox, later Disney came and brought out fox, folded it back into marvel, and this is why they can licence wolverine (being part of men) to Sony.

also intersting, at the same time they sold The incredible HULK to universal pictures, and that licence remains, so although he's a marvel character, Disney cant actually make a film without universal pictures consent.

Lightning7753d ago (Edited 53d ago )

"Disney have stipulated all Marvel games from now on the multi platform."

I looked that up and couldn't find anything about that. Indy isn't Marvel but they are owned by Disney and that game's exclusive. There was even a long debate if the game was exclusive and now we know.

Last year, after Blade was announced I saw tweet or somewhere on social media maybe an Article where Disney stated they leave it up to the publishers or the devs making it.

Here it is.


Basically yes Disney essentially said it's up to Bethesda. It's convoluted article but thats basically what they say.

They don't dictate where their games goes they leave that up to devs/ pubs.

Christopher53d ago

***blaade is multiplat, mark this post in your calendar or whatever.. ***

It's going to Xbox, PC, and streaming services. PS? I wouldn't bet on that. Wouldn't rule it out, but not worth betting on that chance.

purple10153d ago (Edited 53d ago )

yeh, that wasn't his words, thats a game of Chinese whispers for sure mate.

here's what this website says "Disney chimed in on the platform exclusivity questions about Marvel's Blade, clarifying that the game's choice of target platforms is completely up to Bethesda''

but his actual tweet

when asked about platform says "thats a question for Bethesda"

thats not the same thing, not by a long stretch, in fact, quite a stretch for this website, to even get that headline. its upto Bethesda to announce it, but the decision, thats not clear.

I can't find the article I want either it was somewhere deep into licensing agreements of Disney/marvel and Spiderman got mentioned and my interest piqued. it was about 2 hours worth of reading too, so im not going to do that all again on the chance I stumble on the same quote, but im 99.999% sure all Disney is multiplat from now on, ohh ye that's it it was something like ''After the success of Spiderman they dont want their characters limited to one system'' or something like that,..

Lightning7753d ago

"its upto Bethesda to announce it, but the decision, thats not clear."

You're trying to twist things. Of course Bethesda will announce it, it wouldn't be Disney that announces a game. How are those things different? They said it's up to Bethesda for the platform it releases on.

I dunno if I believe what you're saying it would of made news especially across Twitter and other media. That "stipulation" you said would applied to Wolverine since they started development around the same time right?

As I said in my comment why would MS have that game go multiplat? They need compelling AAA games for their console and they certainly wouldn't let Blade go doesn't make console buissness sense. Even if something like that were true MS would spend a pretty penny to keep it exclusive.

53d ago
crazyCoconuts52d ago

That's interesting. I would expect all of it to be fluid - like no rule of gonna be set in stone. I'm sure they want to get their brand out there in a positive light and make money in the process. Worst thing would be to have a company make a crappy game that drags a Marvel character down with it.
So if Sony studios can keep making great games, and they say sure, but like some small % of people won't be able to play it, dunno...
That being said, EA did well with Star Wars and maybe Machine Games will do well with Indy, so who knows

Profchaos52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Disney have always said whatever do what you want exclusive or multiplatform makes no difference just make sure it sells they have always left it up to the licensee ever since the sega genisis/md had a run of exclusive Disney (actually excellent) games.

The games always have to sell above x copies and make so much money otherwise they pull the license rights and charge a breach fee what you do with the license has always been up to the holder

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__SteakDeck__52d ago

@Laxus That wasn’t the reason why they didn’t announce platforms for Blade. You’re coping. 😂

crazyCoconuts52d ago

I mean... AA/AAA/LS all play a part in the exclusivity game, in proportion to their popularity with customers. Helldivers is just AA LS.
Fortnite is LS, can you imagine the impact of that was just on one platform? Sure AAA is bigger. But there will be some Sea of Thieves lovers out there that haven't pulled the trigger on a PS yet but now will. Small number I'm sure, but it adds up.

S2Killinit52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

As if they would ever come out and say “we are doomed” lol

Just because they said nothing to see here, doesn't mean there is nothing to see there.

Kiryu199252d ago

6 month timed exclusive and than on to other platforms and get to charge full price

This is where the future of the gaming business is. Permanent exclusives just don’t make business sense because development costs are in 100’s of millions

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derek52d ago

Oh it's happening. It's clear to me that the xbox division has recieved new marching orders from on high once Microsoft was duped into spending near 100 billion on gaming. This move is purely financially motivated and has nothing to do with a philosophical change regarding exclusivity. That podcast last week was about managing the message as it is clear from the Nintendo direct and how quick announcements for ports to ps5 afterwards that Microsoft has made the decision long ago and is moving forward with it. All those reports leading up to the podcast of everything being ported were maybe from disgruntled xbox execs who had hoped to manipulate Microsoft into changing the new plan.
You're only deluding yourself if you think xbox's meager fanbase can financially support all the content potentially coming out of their now enormous 1st party. I was opposed to abk purchase but it may have forced Microsoft to eventually give up their identity as a platform holder.

Hofstaderman52d ago

This about sums it up succinctly.

Lightning7752d ago

"You're only deluding yourself if you think xbox's meager fanbase can financially support all the content potentially coming out of their now enormous 1st party. "

All the better to sell their console. You know, competing.

"I was opposed to abk purchase but it may have forced Microsoft to eventually give up their identity as a platform holder."

Cool you have until 2043 after the next generation lol.

MrDead52d ago

The major problem with MS is that it just wants to buy the industry, it doesn't want to add to it, it doesn't want to improve it, it just wants all the money and they'll do anything they can to turn the entire thing into a subscription service where you can only rent games.

Charlieboy33352d ago

The big, glaring, massively obvious issue with this direction of theirs is still the fact that you need to make top quality content in order to entice people to buy your console/service.

They can buy everything that isn't Sony first party as much as they want and still produce shit. Putting that shit everywhere is just spreading your shit everywhere. Sony's small collection of first party would still put out more desirable quality content in even that situation.

anast52d ago

Nintendo is the only one that would be doomed because Mario and Zelda support inferior tech. If players have the choice, they would play these games on Xbox, PS5, or PC/Steam Deck, not the cheaply made Switch.

purple10152d ago

5 games now confirmed for PS5

“As dusk falls” march 7th

Chocoburger52d ago

Great game, I played the first two chapters on PC and was hooked to the story.

Anyone who likes a good visual novel should look into it.

stonecold352d ago

plus a full motion video game came out on ps5 from microsoft as well

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Trying? Take off the blinders for a moment, mate.

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2. At the time of this comment, isn't it the case that you need an internet connection to play Xbox games even if you buy physical discs that are hardly in circulation anymore? I don't have a Series X and I can't verify, but I think that is correct. I'm fairly certain you can at least play PS5 games at version 1.0 (not much of a win really when many games require day one patches). I think Microsoft's all digital, licensing approach is by far more aggressive than anyone else's. They really try to push you to game pass where you lose your entire library by umm.... Skipping a month of payments.

I don't think anyone is doing it right whatsoever. Don't get me started on Nintendo, who goes after anyone looking to preserve their games better than they ever would with extreme litigation.

Don't be a simp for any of these companies. Get it together.