Pentiment Is Reportedly Targeting A Frame Rate Of 120 FPS On PS5

Xbox Game Studios & Obsidian Entertainment's adventure role-playing game, Pentiment, is reportedly running at a frame rate of 120 fps on PS5.

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raWfodog60d ago

If true, then they will also update it to run at 120 fps on the Series X at least. I don't see Xbox allowing 120 fps on the PS5 while Series X/S sit at 60 fps.

EvertonFC60d ago

One would think so but nothing surprises me these days.

GamingSinceForever60d ago

Still in denial huh? They won’t allow it. 😂

Can the Series X even run it that high should have been your thoughts.

Profchaos60d ago

The architecture of both ps5 and xsx are so closely aligned it may aswell be the same thing.
Yet here we are again throwing fences at each other's plastic boxes like it's the bit wars just using the tflop name instead but then again bits never meant anything either and tflops are the same

KwietStorm_BLM60d ago

Are you suggesting PS5 is more capable than series X? Or are you confusing X with S

GamingSinceForever60d ago


First off my comment was out of fun.We’e all adults here that should be able to buy whatever we want, including both consoles.

Second don’t act as if my comment was out of context, because it was presented as a console war thing, by saying what MS wouldn’t allow.

Lastly they aren’t exactly the same because they clearly have different performances on quite a few games where PS5 tends to have the better fps. So the question is can Series X achieve such a feat. We shall see.

S2Killinit60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

“Allow it”?

They are releasing their own games on the competition’s console. At this point they “allowed” a lot wouldn’t you say?

Even assuming series X is capable of the same fps, (which for this game it should be) would it even be financially feasible to optimize the game for xbox series X?

I mean the consumer market on the series X is like 1/10th the size of the PS5.

cthulhucultist59d ago


You are obviously trolling. Xbox Series X runs numerous far more demanding games at 120fps


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Brazz60d ago

Pentiment at 120 FPS... Kinda useless If you ask me.

Deathdeliverer60d ago

Not going to lie… I don’t know how this game isn’t running at 8 million fps.

Fishy Fingers60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Yeah apparently some scenes on a 3090ti ran at 3000fps (not a typo)

Kekewei60d ago

Not necessary for a piont & click game but appreciate the efforts of Obsidian on ps5...

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coolbeans29d ago

I'm not surprised to know a scholar would enjoy it. ;)


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darthv7243d ago

I enjoyed this game. Found it rather relaxing. I hope PS fans find it enjoyable too.

coolbeans29d ago

I get that vibe too. It's funny how it lulls you into that kind of mood until you see someone get angry and hear the harsh quill scratches in someone's speech bubble.


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