Rise of the Ronin Looks Set to be One of 2024’s Most Promising Games

Team Ninja and Sony's open world action RPG continues to look promising.

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Ironmike60d ago

Looks bit similar to ghost of tushima to me

Gaming4Life198160d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I haven't seen anything on this game that makes me want to play it but I like team ninja. I hope it turns out good but I have very low hopes for this game.

I dont think this game will be on the same level as Ghost of Tsushima.

jznrpg60d ago

It looks great to me. Getting it day one for sure

robtion60d ago

I would have also but will be busy with Dragon's Dogma. Such bad timing. Nothing to play for the next month then Ronin and Dogma on the same day?! Poor planning.

Will get it eventually though. Love the Wo Long and Nioh games. Stellar Blade is also at the top of my to get list.

MrNinosan60d ago

Nothing to play?
You're skipping Rebirth?

helicoptergirl60d ago

I'm playing this day 1. Dragon's Dogma 2 can wait until I'm done with this

Lighter960d ago

I'm going vice versa from you. I'll get around to it eventually. I'm really glad that there's difficulty settings. I imagine it'll be hard like Ninja Gaiden.

RhinoGamer8860d ago

DD2 will need 2-3 updates to be ready for play. :-)

ZeekQuattro59d ago

Same. I played and beat GOT about a month ago so I'm ready for another quality samurai experience.

mastershredder60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

"One of 2024’s Most Promising Samurai Games" - Fixed.

An Open World Team Ninja game does sound interesting. Their envornonmental detail alone would make me want to check it out, but from what I have seen, I feel like I have already played this game a few dozen times.

Promachos59d ago

I fear of its performance.I see lots of stuttering in game.


Rise Of The Ronin: How To Get Yasuke's Armor Set [Quick Guide]

Yasuke's Armor Set boasts powerful defense, especially if you're able to obtain it in the early game of Rise of the Ronin.


Rise of the Ronin Update 1.04 Patch Notes Reveal Various Weapon Adjustments

Team Ninja released Rise of the Ronin update 1.04 last night, the patch notes for which have now been revealed.

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Dandizzle3d ago

This game is way better than the press it gets

phoenixwing3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I can't trust reviews anymore due to how this was rated by most companies

Elda3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I've been enjoying every min playing ROTR.

Demetrius3d ago

Definitely ready to get this 🔥😌

fsfsxii2d ago

In this topic: constant reassurance 🤣🤣🤣

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PlayStation Stars Members Can Claim Free Helldivers 2/Rise Of The Ronin

PlayStation Stars members now have the opportunity to use reward points to claim free copies of Helldivers 2 and Rise of the Ronin.

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the best deal i got on PlayStation stars was getting a 10 dollar PSN card with points and getting Assassin creed black flag with it for free this was a month ago and have finished the game {one of the best Assassin creed games for sure}

rlow16d ago

I love black flag. For me it was the best of all the assassin creed games.

VersusDMC7d ago

Doing the calculations you would save 10$ plus tax on helldivers 2 with the points over using them on psn credit. At least in canada.

Problem is i doubt i will ever get to 10k points. I got 2k points and i will probably use 1250 to get 5 off the FXVI DLC.

Lexreborn27d ago

I got 6200 I am debating on using it to put towards rise of ronin or continue stacking it

thorstein7d ago

Every time I get enough points to buy a $5 credit to my wallet, that's what I do. 1,250 points for $5.

I don't think I'd save up that many points.