Team Ninja: How Ninja Gaiden and Nioh connect to Rise of the Ronin

Many of you who have already played Rise of the Ronin may have noticed some elements of our previous works such as Ninja Gaiden and Nioh from Team Ninja. Today we’re excited to share some of the behind-the-scenes development stories for the first time. Plus we share details on an upcoming game update.

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purple10130d ago

not a good title FPS RUSSIA. should have gone with: "new content added'. ... or something like that

try : 'New and expanded content 5 new Ally Missions added. + Addition of dojo training partners"


Lol thats the title of the article by playstation blog what are you talking about ?


Read the article it has nothing to do with what you said

purple10130d ago

I literally copied and pasted that from the bottom of the article

DEEBO29d ago

The new update is so good...


Rise Of The Ronin Is The Best Selling Koei Tecmo Game So Far

Rise of the Ronin, is the best selling title from Koei Tecmo Games thus far, according to the game director.

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italiangamer9d ago

Well well well, for the 10000th time naysayers got their mouths shut

RpgSama9d ago

Not only that, it can ONLY improve sales numbers, it has only been out for a few months as of now, sales numbers will only go up from here.

Happy for them, the game deserves it, it's a much better game than the metacritic score might say.

blackblades9d ago

Na their mouths still open apparently, kinda hard to shut them up these days. Some saying fake news like a MAGA

repsahj8d ago

Just you wait, hellblade 2 sales will pick up soon!

Einhander19729d ago

This game is criminally underrated.

And the reviewers did this game so dirty.

blackblades9d ago

Didn't they lower the score because of the graphics. I think they shouldn't involve graphics in the scoring and treating big budget different then small budget

Einhander19729d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Yes, and the game looks great and it performs great too especially for a big open world game.

Of course, It doesn't have ultra detailed rocks like Hellblade but it's also not sub 1080p, 30fps or 6 hours of set pieces...

purple1018d ago

I too am perplexed by some reviews,

for instance edge magazine, often use the same scoring system, so, you get their review scores and its like 7 for Rise of ronin, and a 9 for some 16-bit sidescroller that your bro could make in his basement, in 2.5 months compared to the multiple years with hundreds of peoples hard, blood sweat & tears poured into it.,

so I do think 'scale' should be one of the factors in a review, perhaps thats why people like this game, it gives a large world to expore in that feudal Japan era.

H99d ago

The complaints about the graphics is just so stupid, but I admire I didn't enjoy it as much as the ones before it, mainly because the open world wasn't that enjoyable, and I just enjoyed the interconnected levels much more

The_Hooligan8d ago

I remember reading a review where the reviewer took points off and said something like "it has way too much loot and I don't want to sort through it all the time." And then I saw one of the commentors saying "umm it has a feature where you can just set everything to auto-sell or auto-dismantle with a rarity level cap." lol

Ironmike9d ago

This a brilliant game loving it

robtion9d ago

Great game and I ended up preferring it over DD2. Took me 80hrs for a complete almost 100% playthrough. Open world Tenchu vibes the way I played it. Only complaints were no traditional NG+ option (just twilight missions like in Nioh/Wo Long), and graphics being a mixed bag (trees, some textures, draw distances).

VersusDMC9d ago

Damn. The highest number of sales i can find for tecmo koei is a hyrule warriors 3.5 million shipped.

So it's higher than that and the cheapest it's been is 50. Nioh reaches around those numbers only after going down to 19.99.
Koei making bank.

...but I'm still slightly skeptical if this is possibly a mistranslation as it is only the 14th best selling game of the year in April in the US.
Maybe people really jumped on that 50 price in droves.

Tacoboto8d ago

This seems like a misinterpretation more than mistranslation.

"In the earnings announcement, there was a topic that you had a better start than "Nioh".

"Ronin" has the best numbers of Koei Tecmo titles so far."

The context of the response (according to Edge translation) is about how it's starting off.

Their English financials are also in context of sales starting off faster than Nioh