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Does PSVR 2 Need PC Support?

Marking its first anniversary Sony announced official work on PC support for PSVR 2. But wouldn't more games be better?

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Community120d ago
BanginTunes120d ago

If it had PC support at launch I would have considered getting one over the quest 3. PSVR 2 has a more limited library than a PC so even as a PS5 owner it's a difficult decision, but not being tied to PS5 means I could get one for my PCVR library and use it on my PS5 for Resi 4/8, Gran Turismo and whatever exclusive comes out.

itsmebryan120d ago

It makes since for Sony to bring everything to PC. They finally realized consoles owners alone can't support the company. And they are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Jingsing120d ago

Did you see the Spider-man 2 sales on PC vs PS5? 60K vs 10 million. They don't need to be on PC at all with their games. The only reason they are doing it is because of Herman Hulst being a PC fanboy.

S2Killinit120d ago

They dont NEED to be on PC, and I love that PlayStation console is the focus of Sony. But on a game by game basis, they should consider PC release. For instance, with a service game, it doesnt hurt to be on PC as well.

jeromeface120d ago

@jingsing except that part where spiderman 2 isn't on pc yet... unless you're refererring to the insomniac leak which were not sales...

Eonjay120d ago

This comment makes sense to me. Since its the only headset that works on PS5, you would be killing two birds with one stone if you can buy one headset and user it on either platform.

MeteorPanda120d ago

my thoughts exactly. The VR scene is too niche and seperated. No universal library.

fr0sty119d ago

I don't really care for any PC games, none of those exclusives really do much for me... but I REALLY want to use my PSVR2 for PC VR apps, like Unreal Engine 5, so I can develop my own VR experiences, Microdose VR, that sort of thing.

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CrimsonWing69120d ago

Yes! I have Steam exclusive VR games like Alyx that I’d love to play with PSVR2.

Yui_Suzumiya119d ago

I'm surprised Alyx didn't come to PS5 when the VR2 came out.

EvertonFC120d ago

What a stupid question @article

Jingsing120d ago

I think wireless VR is a big deal on PC given that Quest is the most popular headset for PC these days, WIFI6E and WIFI7 are both available too. I don't see people committing the best part of a decade to a wired headset especially when Valve Deckard is now reported to be standalone. You can say what you will about the eye tracking on PSVR2 but considering how under utilized it is on PS5 I have the expectation that most PCVR stuff will probably ignore it too as most high end GPU's can probably max out the PSVR2 display. Apple, Valve, Meta are now all standalone. The sad truth is Sony made the wrong bet and I don't think they have confidence to make a PSVR2 Pro standalone without taking on the wrath of current adopters.

jeromeface120d ago

Keep waiting for deckard, meanwhile I'll be enjoying vr without a 1000+ pricetag.

MrBaskerville120d ago

I don't think the people making pc support are the same that develop the games. But what do I know.