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Jim Sterling writes: “The state of mainstream games is just fucking pathetic.

Helldivers 2 has been out for well over a week and yet it still suffers from the kind of connection issues that would be (and were) unacceptable by launch day standards, let alone days later.”

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It's time to ban this idiot's articles.
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Clickbait from the perennial clickbait artist.
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Community86d ago
helicoptergirl87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Lol nice one Jim. But people have already been playing the game for a while now. The people know what they have here and it turns out... they absolutely LOVE IT. The devs are also really passionate. The gamers love the experience and that same experience is only going to get better and better. Thanks for your input though Jim

-Foxtrot86d ago

It’s just their opinion

If it has bugs, it has bugs and they clearly decided to call them out more for it than the rest

It’s not personal to them, they are harsh about this sort of stuff for everything

Crows9086d ago

Who are you talking about? Who is them?

Jim just sounds like he dislikes the success a game with typical online connectivity problems is having. Diablo 4..same issue. Pretty much any online game has had connectivity issues at launch. Perfectly normal. Cant think of a single game that has launched with online multiplayer and no issues.

repsahj86d ago

I like Arrowhead now! Last night, after the patch, PS5 players couldn't log in. Then players call out to Arrowhead and immediately post that they're working on it. After an hour or two, they fixed it right away. Great job!!!

jwillj2k486d ago


I understand this may seem like a good thing, but it’s actually pretty terrible. It means they aren’t testing their defect fixes properly, rolling them out with no regresssion testing.

blackblades86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Its Jim.... we all know his BS so stop with the its their opinion crap.

badz14986d ago


I'm not gonna defend any game for launching with issues but the main issue with HD2 is the fact that its server capacity was not planned for this number of players. their limit is around the half mil mark which it easily reach almost every day now. no one expected this game to be doing THIS well, so can't really blame them for getting caught off-guard. let's give them time to sort things out

-Foxtrot86d ago

Look if you guys want to get so offended fine but my point was they do this for every game…it’s not “I’ve hated this game from the start”

That’s it

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1Victor86d ago

I wonder what was this writer inside full opinion on sea of thieves and other non Sony franchises 🤨

Asplundh86d ago

He likes to go against popular opinion for attention, it's not just Playstation games.

GamerRN86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Why do people always deflect to games on "the other platform"?

If one guy doesn't like the game, who cares?! If you like the game, that's all that matters. Every single review is just the opinion of one guy.

1Victor86d ago

@gamer: ”Why do people always deflect to games on "the other platform"?”
. I’m not reflecting I’m jus curious as I’m not going to waste my time or click on a obvious click bait article 🤷🏿

1Victor86d ago

@Asplundh: “He likes to go against popular opinion for attention, it's not just Playstation games.”
Thank you for answering my question 👍👍

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darthv7287d ago

...guess this isnt the kind of game for Stephanie.

Angyobangyo85d ago

A lot of game aren't for Stephanie since going full-on off the edge. OG Jim was entertaining to watch, the last few years...not so much.

Kaii86d ago

Gives suicide squad 65 but this 35 (Insert mind blown meme)

Crows9086d ago

When something isnt too exploitative he feels more violated. Not sure the reasoning. read his review and just sounds like pure ranting.

Petebloodyonion86d ago

Funny cause Suicide Squads do have a Story mode
What happened to game Live service games getting slammed for crappy single mode or lack of mode?
I'm pretty sure that COD MW3 a great multiplayer live service game got lots of 5/10 because the Single player part sucks
And How many games got slammed because of connectivity issues
Surely Halo Collection got 9/10 all over the place for the potential of the game the great singles-player collection
Oh I forgot it got 6/10 because of matchmaking issues at the launch

Ironmike86d ago

In helldivers u create ur own story

Crows9086d ago (Edited 86d ago )

I can clearly tell you didn't think much about the fundamental differences.

Helldivers 2 is designed as a co op only game with solo mode available.

It also has a campaign focused on the co op aspect. Liberating planets is the story.

The whole game was intelligently put together.

Most of your other games were either online multiplayer titles that started as single player games and got their fame from the combination or they are games from far bigger IP that have been nailing online connectivity for generations...yet they still launch with issues.

This small dev team manages to actually integrate their entire game into what they set out to do ...and it makes sense.

Halo dropping campaign wouldn't make sense...same with cod.

Helldivers had no real hype until after launch they reinvented themselves to success.

Doomeduk85d ago

@ironmike it does have a story mode to me and it starts with the opening cinematic of someone sitting there watching going "Fk yeah " and signing up and then I take over the story by dropping in to what I thought was a quiet drop point to load up and and as I descend I can make out 2 chargers and a bile spew and I was landing slap in the middle of them I managed to get out "Say hello to Democracy" a second or two later I got melted like butter
That grunts mother would have been so proud

Realms86d ago

This is why so many people don't take reviews seriously anymore, I for one I'm glad the game has found it's audience and is making that community happy. Even though live service games aren't my thing, why would I go out of my way to crap on something that others enjoy just because it's not my cup of tea.

P_Bomb86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

“Oh, and it’s grindy as all hell to unlock upgrades and cosmetics.”

No it isn’t.

“This is compounded by several objectives in which you have to literally sit patiently while a timer counts down for ages and enemies barely spawn.”

Play on higher difficulties. You’ll be overwhelmed immediately upon entry.

“ It’s amazing to me that this game throws in multiple outfits that make you look like a medic, but they took the fucking medicine out.”

Not true. My medic comes with two extra stims, and anybody can heal anybody so long as you have them.

thorstein86d ago

He lies all the time. Always has. That's why Destructoid fired him. Cost people tons of money for it. He's utter garbage as a human being and always was.

Crows9086d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Agree, but I like to think people always have tomorrow to redeem themselves. Yet some ar hell bent in sticking to their sickening behavior.

Haven't looked into what Jim has been up to until recently and geez...glad I stopped paying attention.

victorMaje86d ago

I understand getting frustrated with not being able to play especially that it’s an online game, & maybe Stephanie has had really bad luck with connecting.
Afaic it’s down to a 5/10. Can’t recommend a game that can only be played 5 out of 10 tries (latest attempt was last night).

The worst times are when it does work & it crashes a few minutes before extraction & you lose all rewards you would’ve gotten.

Would the devs, which I like to think are doing everything they can find it acceptable to return the money spent until the issues are fixed? If they’re asking me to wait to play, can I ask them to wait to get paid?
Bottom line I paid for a game I only were able to properly play the first few days.

Eonjay86d ago

For the last couple of days after the last update I have had no issues getting in at tall.