Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Accomplished and Impressive but not above Criticism

Digital Foundry delivers first impressions on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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Community88d ago
Workshyskiver88d ago

Those rocks in Chapter 2 have to be a bug.

Redgrave88d ago

I'm not sure what this means because I'm avoiding exposure as much as possible, but is this similar to how the door looked in the first part (Cloud's room with the muddy improperly rendered texture) that wasn't fixed until Intergrade?

dumahim88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Yeah, but there's a lot more. They're not getting into any story stuff and they're very limited on what they can show until launch.

Workshyskiver88d ago

They are rendering in what would be rough for a ps3 game never mind a ps5 game. It's so jarring with how nice everything else is so there's no way they are meant to be that low resolution.

FinalFantasyFanatic87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I can no longer take this line seriously now that I've seen the pregnant Tifa image with this text.

fsfsxii88d ago

DF when a ps5 game is pushing technical boundaries: 👆🤓 the pixel subcount in the foliage outside the map is lacking
DF when a switch game runs at 2fps at 144p: ☺️ technical marvel

Blad3runner0088d ago (Edited 88d ago )

No idea why people pay attention to DF.

They always show/compare textures/graphical detail with stills, with a zoom level.

When you are playing a game at normal levels (No zoom) are you going to go up close to your monitor or TV and look at the pixel differences on that wall or that foilage? Of course not, you will be too busy playing the game to notice or bother.

DF are pointless for this very reason.

RaidenBlack85d ago

They point out stuff just so that devs can fix those in future patches, so that you, the consumer, can have the best experience.
Has happened multiple times. (Hence they also do follow-on videos, "state of x-game")
They're basically an extra QA team.
If you prefer to over look these issues, then you can always ignore the DF articles and videos and just play the game by using the physical disc(if it exists) without downloading the patches. Your call sir.

Umb87d ago

100% agree.
I remember during the PS3/360 era. More grass on 360 making that version surperior.
PS4/XBO, more grass on the PS4, is not that much of big advantage and does not take away how geat the XBO looks.
DF is full of it and their bias really shows, just look at the GT7 vs Forza comparison, talk about padding the Forza!
I watch NX Gamer on YT who seem to give a more balance view and calls a spade, a spade.

Good-Smurf88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

"Not above criticism"
Yep DF new golden boy is reaching again.

Barlos87d ago

Is any game above criticism?

That performance mode though. I appreciate it running at a pretty much solid 60fps but does it really have to look as low res as the cgi sequences in the original ff7? Come on SE, you can do better than this!

Ezio204887d ago

I am absolutely thrilled to see this game getting stellar reviews but graphics being not upto the mark is something I am seeing in many reviews (even the ones which have given great scores). I really hope SE ups their game in technical consistency for the final part of trilogy.

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FFVII Rebirth Continues To Chart In Best Sellers, Helldivers 2 Stays Above COD: MW3 In YTD Revenue

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues to chart among NPD best sellers, while Helldivers 2 stays above COD: MW3 in Year-to-Date sales revenue.

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Community19d ago
19d ago Replies(1)
franwex19d ago

I want zero complaints if the next COD is trash as you all bought it.

Hugodastrevas19d ago

Just checking-in to say I'm not part of "you all". Don't know who keeps buying that slop.

Zeref18d ago

The people that buy CoD aren't on this website.

PapaBop18d ago

Yeah COD is more of a causal game, loads of people who aren't necessarily huge day one gamers buy it as their friends buy it and even if I haven't bought one in years, it is a game that's much more fun with groups of friends.

Cacabunga19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Good to see ff7 performing 🏆
HD2 smashing records! I hope it motivates other studios to bring on some decent similar games.
Also miss some good FPS

shinoff218319d ago

No. We don't need more of these

shinoff218318d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Two comments saying the sane thing. Mines down voted more lol

truth is we don't need more hd2 games

Barlos19d ago

I'd rather not see more HD2 games thanks. We want less live service games, not more.

Cacabunga19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

I really meant successful games.. but clearly no gaas. I didn’t buy it for that very reason. Apparently the gaas model isn’t bad in it so that helped with its success

ravens5219d ago

Pretty sure all the people who agreed with you, knew what you meant. Including myself. 👍🏽

EternalTitan18d ago

I knew Rebirth had good legs.
Its start was poor.

Scissorman19d ago

Okay. NOW can we stop with the whole 'Rebirth was a flop' chatter? Still selling remarkably well after two months.

RpgSama19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

It might have had a lower out of the gate sales than the first one, but kind of makes sense considering how front loaded I'm sure that one must have been, the anticipation was through the roof after many years and many teases of an actual remake.

This one will have long legs, I'm sure of it.