Mod Site Bans Tomb Raider Remastered Mod That Removed Content Warning

A mod that removes the content warning present in the recent Tomb Raider remaster has been banned from Nexus Mods.

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Community120d ago
Christopher121d ago

Just as much of a nothing burger as people claimed the message was attempting to address. Which is it, do people have rights to create and moderate the content of their game/site or are we not about freedom of expression/speech?

117d ago
Terry_B121d ago

Damn..Nexus Mods needs to get a competition. Their political correct stance ..sucks.

shinoff2183121d ago

Then just get mods from there you don't have to pay attention to their political stances

MrDead121d ago

Have you seen the things you can download on Nexusmods? In no way is the stuff on there politically correct, they just don't like a**holes.

shinoff2183120d ago

That's what i always thought.

Christopher121d ago

There's tons of places to get mods from, just NexusMods is the more centralized.

Also, hard to say they're PC considering what they allow. They just go against people who try to remove messages/content based on hate. But, they also allow people to do some very non-PC things in some mods.

Vengeance1138120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Based on hate?? So not wanting propaganda in gaming is hate now? The original game didn't need that message then and it rings true today. Same as the Spiderman 2 / Starfield mods that weren't allowed because they need ppl seeing "the message" and forced acceptance.

Christopher120d ago

Based on your comment, yes, based on hate. When you call an expression of thought "propaganda", you're dog whistling hate. When you actively have to remove a developer's own creation to make you feel better? Hate.

I call it for what it is. You can act the victim. You're not one.

shinoff2183120d ago

A message warning people is not pushing an agenda. I think yall to fickle. Just as ficklenas the people you complaining about. I've said it before the anti woke people are just as annoying as the woke.

119d ago
Christopher119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

***type of person that won't name drop the black thugs that shot children during the Kansas City superbowl parade***

Black thugs? WOOF! You just came out and proved yourself right off the bat. You have a lot of hatred in you that you need to deal with.

And, btw, I'm the type of person who wants them all caught and taken for court for their crimes. Same as any other criminal.

*** can tell you right now, you're on the wrong side of history, boy.***


119d ago
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FinalFantasyFanatic120d ago

Didn't GameBanana do the same thing?

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isarai120d ago

Ok that's dumb, literally have nude mods, sex mods, and mods to enable child murder in games like fallout and Skyrim, but to take away a little warning screen and that's too much? 🙄😒

TricksterArrow120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

People cry about censorship. Developer decides to censor as little as possible from an old release, and they justify it via a note expressing their opinions and views. People decide to censor the note.


Christopher120d ago

People just want other people to accept that they don't want to change and those others shouldn't change because they don't want to. Otherwise the usual titles and why do we as a society change over 20 years comments.

Inverno120d ago

Is it a content warning every time you boot up the collection? Cause then I can kind of understand if you don't wanna see it cause it's not really a message specifically for you. Nexus is just ran by some butthurt people though so this does not surprise me.

Christopher120d ago

You can disable it in config file on PC. No mod needed.

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Tomb Raider Remastered just quietly censored one in-game detail

Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered players are ticked off by the game’s most recent patch, which censors in-game pin-up posters of Lara Croft.

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Community58d ago
rlow158d ago

This is why gaming is screwed. When people change things to fit someone’s agenda, it’s a slippery slope downhill.

Christopher58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Even if that agenda is of the developer? Way to remove developer rights.

***One player called it a “huge problem with modern games,” saying they can now be “ruined AFTER people buy them”.***

The level of drama. Yes, I recall sitting there for more hours than I did anything else in the game. These two pinups are the core of the game, after all!

coolbeans57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

rlow1's cringe catastrophizing aside, I do think developers *ought* to strive to maintain an original work to the best of their ability. The language of a "remaster" tacitly implies that - for good or ill - what's being resold is what fans remember but better.

Profchaos57d ago

Games can be ruined after purchasing them yeah we know this not from this but from GTA IV which had half it's radio content patched out due to licensing expirations and to me that was a huge deal.

This pin up poster is a bit of nonsense but the whole argument of modern games can be ruined post launch is Absol true.

DedicatedDark57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

It's not their work to censor. They are incharge of restoration & remastering the work, not overwriting it.

Barlos57d ago

It's not the agenda of the developer though, they're pandering and trying to increase their ESG score.

Way to support censorship...

victorMaje57d ago

It’s not the end of the world for sure, but I understand the hate towards this kind of change. I believe it’s also a matter of principle.

Imagine a Picasso painting being restored & the restorer deciding there aren’t enough strokes, or some lines aren’t straight enough or curved enough…not sure it would/should sit well with people.

Have all original devs signed off on this change? Even if it’s the case, are we saying older gamers are better mentally equipped to process what was there than current gamers, hence the change?

Enough time ago the case was made that games are an art form. We’re supposed to have won that case.
So which is it? Are games art or not?

Aphrodia57d ago

And what of the rights of the buyer? The ones that purchased this game with hard earned money? They bought a product that is now being changed into a different product. Surely you would stand up for them since you are about "rights"?