Gundam it! We want Musou!

Still no word on whether or not Namco Bandai will be shipping this game to Western shores, but here are some new screenshots.

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no_more_heroes5885d ago

because this looks like Dynasty Warriors with Gundam characters, with the same horrible graphics. If someone can prove me wrong then by all means do so, 'cuz this looks dumb.

the_bebop5884d ago

There is nothing wrong with the Graphics, especailly since they are trying to re-create the animation from the different series which are taken from three different ones, the oldest one goes back to 1979.

achira5884d ago

i want it also! please namco, please...

bumnut5884d ago

my friend has this for his jap import ps3, it is one of the worst games i have ever played.

it has terrible graphics, poor gameplay. ps3 will have to do better than this to get me to part with £425 plus games.

the_bebop5884d ago

You are talking about a completely different Gundam Game this one doesn't have anything to do with that Game and this game doesn't come out in japan till the beginning of March.