Unheard of: Best Mecha Games on the PS2

Fan of anything mecha-related on the PS2? You've come to the right. Here are the best mecha games on the PS2.

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Unheard of: The Best PS2 Sci-Fi Games

There is a huge universe of sci-fi-nastic games on the PS2 to explore. Check out these timeless classics that still rock today.

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Retroman182d ago

Still play Ratchet and Clank ps2 :Up your Arsenal


Okami and ZOE 2 got 1080p remasters before it was cool

"Sony was already no stranger to remasters during the previous generation. They took some classic games, bumped them up from 480i to 720p and put them in a collection. Jak & Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, and Sly Cooper all got excellent trilogy collections on the PlayStation 3. These brought hours of great gameplay and entertaining worlds to gamers for a fraction of their original cost. But there was one Japanese developer that blew the others out of the water." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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PhoenixUp2200d ago

“Sure, when looking at the grand scheme of the PlayStation 3’s 7 year life-cycle”

PS3 lived on for more than 7 years

FallenAngel19842200d ago

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection offered full 1080p resolution on PS3 6 years before either Okami HD and ZoE HD hit the scene.

chris2352198d ago

what do you mean? remasters are not cool. they are the opposite of cool.


Rezoning - Zone of the Enders HD Collection - Rant Gaming

The author dotes on Hideo Kojima's red-headed stepchild, Zone of the Enders.

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