Helldivers 2 - Patch Notes 1.04

Arrowhead Studios has released a patch that addresses matchmaking functionality and crashing.

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Lord-John-Steele11d ago

I really hope they can fix all the rough edges, I love the humor of this game. It reminds me of Starship Troopers

LoveSpuds10d ago

Yeah, it's a fab game, buy I've lost XP to crashes around 4 times in about 5 hours of gaming.

dRanzer10d ago

Consider yourself lucky
Since the last patch drop i can't even get to the title screen "failed to connect the server"

LoveSpuds10d ago

I had that too for a good 2 hours. It gave the chance to go back and finish Lies of P, so not to much an issue for me, but frustrating nonetheless.

arkard10d ago

@dranzer they are also doing server maintenance

MrNinosan10d ago

I had 2 crashes in 30 hours gameplay. You must've had extremely bad luck.
You on PS5 or PC?

dRanzer10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Seems odd when you your friend can play and you don't at the same time


MrNinosan9d ago

I was asking LoveSpuds.
For your issue, we solved it by joining friends from the friendlist on PS5 instead of trying to start the game.

Worked every time.

LoveSpuds9d ago

Playing on PS5 squire. To be fair, since the patch it's been much more stable, I did have one instance where I completed a mission and the credits/XP weren't added to my total and my level displayed as 0 during loading, but otherwise, its all been great after another 8 or so hours. It's bloody brilliant, I haven't been hooked on an online game for the best part of a decade, but thus game just resonates with me for some reason.

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Mr_cheese10d ago

Not had many bugs outside of the matchmaking.

It's near impossible to join a random game at the moment but jumping in with friends seems to be fine (as far as my experience goes)

Love the game

MrNinosan10d ago

If you're ps5, just turn off crossplay and you can use Quick Play just fine.

BlackDoomAx9d ago

Or start a mission and wait a little before taking the hellpod, the party should fill up pretty quickly.

Hedstrom9d ago

They made server updates yesterday, they warned that through the 5-6 hours that would take you could get weird bugs. Hopefully it is fixed by now.


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isarai9h ago

A premium currency you earn in game, so like I guess? But spend a little time and you'll unlock it all the same 🤷‍♂️


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