Alan Wake 2 Update 1.6 Fixes Random Crashes And Other Bugs

Alan Wake 2's update 1.6 is big on bug fixes, crashes, and other technical issues that previously plagued player experience.

FullmetalRoyale101d ago

I am still waiting for the lipsync fix on Xbox before I play my copy beyond the intro. Been waiting since October. Been almost four months.

toxic-inferno101d ago

Does it solve the bug of it not being available as physical media?

Tacoboto101d ago

I take it you haven't played Baldur's Gate 3 yet because you're waiting for its physical release soon too, right?

toxic-inferno101d ago

No, I'm happy to be thought of as a hypocrite in that sense, if you want. But I wasn't sure I would enjoy Baldur's Gate 3 as much as I did.

Simply, some games I am happy to buy as digital, others I want to own the physical versions. There are some great games on PS3 that if I didn't own them physically, playing them would be extremely difficult.

Simply put, consumers should always have the option.

jznrpg101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

I am waiting for the physical copy for BG3 and Alan Wake 2. I preordered the physical copy of BG3 as soon as they announced it and they are suppose to release soon. I don’t mind waiting. I have plenty of other games to play. And the nice part of waiting is previous bug and performance fixes will be there on the disc. I won’t get Alan Wake 2 for years if that’s what it takes to be super cheap if they don’t release a physical copy. I always have games to play and I have to wait to play games anyway as I don’t have time to play them all when a bunch of good games launch at the same time.

JEECE96d ago

That's a great point about BG3. It hasn't even gotten 5% of the flak AW2 has for being digital only. The one distinction I will make is that AW2 isn't available on Steam. There are plenty of people who don't want to use other digital storefronts who will use Steam.

rakentaja100d ago

Remedy: we have currently no plans to fix the annoying feature called the "used game market". We worked hard on our baby...I mean "the game" and want every penny for it. We have the right to protect our business model. Good day sir.


No Steam And Physical Release, Alan Wake 2 Not Profiting Was Inevitable

Choosing Epic over Steam and antagonizing the entire physical media fanbase, it's no wonder the masterpiece Alan Wake 2 didn't make a profit.

thorstein5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I asked for this game as a gift. My wife couldn't find it at Gamestop, Amazon, or anywhere else.

I didn't realize it was digital only, I just figured it sold out because of the reviews and how good it looks.

Most consumers don't read gaming news daily, how would they know it's digital only?

Plus, outside of seeing it on Jackfrags YouTube channel, I hadn't seen much in the way of marketing.

Dirtnapstor5d ago

It's a really good game. I platted this one on the PS5. Well worth your time exploring this universe.

Jingsing5d ago

Unfortunately Remedy has become a bit of a nasty studio over this past decade, You just need to look at their business decisions and other projects they attempted. They are not pro consumer at all.

Petebloodyonion5d ago

You know that it's Epic Games that funded and published the game right?

CrimsonWing695d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Yea, people are kind of dumb. I mean, no offense to @Jingsing up there, I know that’s blunt but it reminds me of Bayonetta 2 when that got announced and it was a Nintendo exclusive. It’s exclusive because f*cking Nintendo funded the development. But people were all like f*ck Sega for sh*tting on their fans when in actuality the game never would’ve gotten made if Nintendo didn’t straight up pay for the development.

Alan Wake 1 was not a massive seller. In fact, correct me if I’m wrong, but it underperformed and that’s why a proper sequel never got made until now where Epic literally paid for the game to be developed… but you got people saying, Remedy isn’t pro consumer because this game is Epic exclusive 🤦‍♂️

anast5d ago

They did this to save money, but it didn't work.

Skuletor5d ago

Will be interesting to see if they try the same thing for the Max Payne remake(s). You'd think they won't but people continue to surprise me.

anast5d ago

I think they could do some kind of special edition physical release. This way the crowd that has been with this game since the beginning would have the option to buy a physical disk. They would sell more too.

Charlieboy3335d ago

@anast No, it needs a normal physical release.....not some bullshit 'special edition' physical release. This way we will be able to easily get a physical copy for if we want, instead of having to mission to own some kind of limited version. That's not actually gonna boost physical sales now is it?

Chocoburger5d ago

I wonder if they've learned their lesson? Who am I kidding, of course no gaming company does at this point. Keep making those mistakes.