Persona, Star Ocean, And Final Fantasy Developers Discuss The Trend Of Remaking Classic RPGs

Game Informer: "We talk to various developers to dig into why this trend is so prevalent and how different teams approach this concept in different ways."

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Post-Release Interview (Part 1) - Devs Discuss the Story

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's story is discussed by Iwaki Hiroaki (scenario), Nojima Kazushige (story/scenario), and Toriyama Motomu (co-director).

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Nintendo Indie World Showcase Set to Air Tomorrow, Nintendo Announces

Nintendo has announced a new Indie World showcase for tomorrow, and it'll feature around 20 minutes of info about upcoming Switch indies.

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CDbiggen13h ago

Still waiting on a proper direct. I can't think of anything coming out this year for switch.


PS Store download ranking for March 2024 (Japan) “Dragon’s Dogma 2” ranks first on PS5

PS Blog Japan: "Announcing the download ranking for March 2024 on PlayStation®Store! We will introduce a total of five rankings for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®VR2, PlayStation®VR, and free-to-play titles. We also have monthly rankings for the US/Canada, so please check them out as well.

In the PS5 ranking, the long-awaited latest series, Dragon's Dogma 2, ranks first. 2nd place goes to "Rise of the Ronin". Third place went to FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH.'"

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CrimsonWing6918h ago

Man, every time I see how Rebirth isn’t selling as good it saddens me. I hope to god Square doesn’t try to change up future FF games to try to sell more because I strongly feel the template for this Remake Trilogy should be the future of FF games.

Nyxus15h ago

It was first in the February PS Store charts:


And still 3rd in the March charts.

CrimsonWing6915h ago(Edited 15h ago)

Yea but you have to think numbers. If all games sold 1 and one game sold 10, it’d be number 1 for that month.

The units sold are around 2 mill and for context FF16 failed to meet expectations at 3 mill. Most sales are strong during the launch date… after that it tapers down and even though more copies can add up, they’re usually sold at a sale, which isn’t how you really make your money back initially.

It sucks, man. Square really did it right with this game and it goes to show them it doesn’t sell well. Just bums me out thinking what the future is for this series.

Nyxus15h ago

They are already working on the third part, so I don't think it will be affected in the short term at least. And I think that if other JRPGs can survive with far lower sales (like Persona 3 Reload and Yakuza Infinite Wealth) it should be okay. And those two games were considered successful and were multiplatform on day one too.