GiN Review: Time Hollow

Nathan Brice writes: "Time Hollow is exactly that: a hole in time. Go figure. But seriously at first the game felt like Quantum Leap without the mullet-headed, time-jumping hero (thank God!). However, this game is a great hit for Konami!

Time Hollow opens at the title screen with a male voice confidently declaring the title, "Time Hollow!" I thought the robotic/horror voice at the title screen of Resident Evil on PSOne was funny. This guy has definitely received the torch! A game that starts out with a laugh definitely gets a thumbs up for starters.

The game opens with real anime scenes and voiceovers. You play as character Ethan Kairos who is about to celebrate his 17th birthday. He is a watch collector (how original for a character in a game all about time) and is contemplating how to ask his parents for a very specific watch to add to his collection for his birthday present. However, as the evening passes, Ethan will discover that his world will be lost in a time loop."

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