WorthPlaying Review - Safecracker

WorthPlaying: "Safecracker is a shining example of everything that is wrong with games on the Wii. With the runaway success of the Wii console, many developers have chosen to simply "shovel" cheaply made games onto the Wii or, in other cases, port over an old game to the Wii and attempt to pass it off as something new. Thus, when the topic of the Wii comes up, you often hear the term "shovelware." Safecracker on the Nintendo Wii is a two-and-a-half-year-old PC game that was hastily ported over to the Wii and sold at a budget price. It's not that Safecracker is a bad piece of shovelware; there aren't any gimmicky Wiimote controls, and the core puzzles are actually a lot of fun to figure out. However, to enjoy that, you have to get past the feeling that you're playing a game where virtually every expense was spared."

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