How Many Hours To Finish Every Final Fantasy Game?

You guessed it: you will need a lot of hours to beat every FF. But maybe not as many as you would think.

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MrNinosan158d ago

According to Howlongtobeat and this post, 489 hours, not including any spinsoffs, sequels or the two MMO's (FFXI and FFXIV).

That means, 1 to 16 + 7 Remake, excluding X-2, XIII-2, Lightning Returns, XI and XIV.

I"ve actually been running through all main games myself, but doing Platinum runs on each, including the sequels (Excluding XI and XIV).

I have played through them all countless times thou, and in remasters where I could speed up combat and exp gain, I've used it.

Took me around 1100 hours on fresh account, but now I'm exhausted and super ready for Rebirth.

thejigisup158d ago

Best FF overall? Best Ff 1-6, Best FF7-9, Best FF 10 -16?

Shane Kim158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

7 and 9 are the best for me and they are generally favoured by the masses. Followed by 6 and 4. Then 16,10,8. I'm kind of indifferent between 1,2,3,5. Then 12,13 and 15 last.

MrNinosan158d ago

I don't want to divide them like you did.

Best FF for me, in order: (for me Story is most important)
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy XVI

My first Final Fantasy was Final Fantasy VI, back in 1994.
My most played is FFXIV followed by FFVII.

Best FF1-6 = 6
Best FF7-9 = 7
Best 10-16 = 10

FinalFantasyFanatic158d ago

For me, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 for mainline games.

andy85158d ago

Think I spent 489 on 7-12 alone 😂

franwex158d ago

I absolutely believe that the jumprope section in 9 is impossible on the PS4. It’s not platinumable.

andy85158d ago

It's not that bad really. The difficult part is the transition at 300 but if you get that then it's plain sailing to 1000 as the tempo doesn't change. When I was practicing for it I was getting to 300 maybe 3-4 out of 10 tries but couldn't nail the tempo transition. Once I did I did it.

MrNinosan158d ago

First time around I was stuck on that for about 5 hours.
This time, I did it within 1 hour.

But it's a fucked up trophy which I absolutely hate.

Profchaos158d ago

At this stage good luck you're better off picking a entry point and sticking with that

158d ago

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Spenok100d ago

Still the best in the series.


Final Fantasy I Pixel Remaster – Step Back in Time

Gary Green said: It’s interesting to revisit the roots of your favorite franchises to see first-hand what’s changed and what’s stuck around all these years, though perhaps ‘visit’ would be more accurate than ‘revisit’ since apparently, Europe wasn’t worthy of the original six Final Fantasy games the first time around. By the time we started getting ports of these iconic games, we’d already been through the PSOne JRPG golden age. So we’d already seen the best of what Final Fantasy had to offer, while these predecessors looked outdated, unrefined, and (dare I say it) ugly. We aren’t bitter about the delayed releases, honest…

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shinoff2183101d ago

I'd love to but square said fk you to the ps fanbase that wanted these physically. Meanwhile switch got a physical release.

Asplundh101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

I'd buy it for the Switch but a NA copy runs for $800.