Prince Of Persia's Sales Struggle is A Shame, But Not Surprising

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is a great game, but sometimes that's not enough.

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SpacedDuck136d ago

Not a shame at all. UBI should get used to people not buying their games. They told us to get used to not owning them after all.

Barlos136d ago

Exactly. So they can get comfortable not v getting my money.

Redemption-64136d ago

And this is why it best to ignore fake outrage like this online based of lies. The guy was talking about subscriptions overall, not specifically Ubisoft. I am pro-physical, but what he said is true. Even most of those who buy digital don't even own those games. It's just a licensed. Those who promote Xbox GP are a good example. You don't own any of those games and if you subscribe to it, then you are OK not owning the games you choose to play and no buy.

This is also some miserable excuse. Imagine if due to the poor sales of this single player game, Ubisoft makes the studio make a live service game next? I bet most of the people who refused to support it will lose their minds

EvertonFC136d ago

It's a great game too, just gamers being sheep 🐑 and fannies again because they think it's cool.

Tacoboto136d ago

@Everton & Redemption

I bought the title on PS5 because the demo was fantastic and is the type of game I want to play and support.

But Ubisoft has such awful documented corporate culture, it's easy to look away on that basis alone. Then they go out of their way, in any context, to suggest ownership is bad and we need to get used to not owning our games.

It's not being a sheep at all, in any way, to not buy the games from a corporation that is actively saying we need to stop buying games.

If Ubisoft wants the titles they think we want to sell, they need to show us and tell us they're a company worth supporting. My purchase was made based on the merits of the game and how much I liked the demo, and it being from Ubisoft was the biggest con weighing against it.

Redemption-64136d ago

Ubisoft never said or suggested ownership is bad. This is when you know people are not just sheep, but you know those who read the interview, vs the gullible sheep who just read the headline or regurgitate what their favorite YouTuber told them.

The guy was talking about what needs to happen before subscription services become a more significant slice of the video game business. The guy was literally talking about subscriptions services across the whole industry, yet fake people kept making it sound like he was talking about Ubisoft. A lot of gamers are so gullible, they will willingly lead themselves to the slaughter house, but will attack anyone that points it out to them. You literally have people on this site, Twitter and other social media platforms who keep promoting and championing Game Pass as the best deal in gaming. None of these people own the games they play on GP. Those people are happy to play those games without owning them. Yet you guys get triggered/mad at the guy who points out the obvious? For GP and other subscription service to keep growing, more and more people have to comfortable with not owning their games. That is just a fact and how Game Pass works. I am no fan of subscription service for games, but if you have GP and play most of your games through that, you should be agreeing with him, because you are literally the type of person he is talking about.

SpacedDuck136d ago

The same studio that has ruined Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Skull and Bones, Assassins Creed and countless other IPs due to horrendous leadership?

Redemption-64136d ago


And what happened when the made a good game? Rather than supporting it, people are here complaining and refusing to supporting, then go crying when said game is put on ice. It's almost some people don't want them to make good games, so they could things to complain about.

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garos82135d ago

exactly this, i wanted to buy avatar and this prince of persia game both this month and made a stand , so ill find them second hand somewhere instead.

isarai136d ago

People in want THE Prince of Persia, not some rando in a 2d sidesscroller

-Foxtrot136d ago

Not to knock the quality but it felt like it was originally a Immortals Fenyx Rising spin off game and they changed it shortly after development

saint_seya136d ago

Well i remember playing the first Prince of Persia in a PC with DOS and was a sidesscroller.

Aggesan135d ago

Exactly. Youngsters these days don't know their history.

ShwaaMan136d ago

This doesn’t surprise me (based on Ubisofts recent claims about NOT owning). But it IS frustrating because I bought it and it is FANTASTIC, I am having trouble putting it down. It’s one of the best Metroidvania’s I have played in years.
Unfortunately, with low sales it means the corporate execs are less likely to invest in games like this and will push GaaS more because they don’t understand their audience at all.
Hopefully it spreads by word of mouth and eventually becomes somewhat of a sleeper hit because I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone interested in the genre(which has become a bit over saturated the last few years). It stands up there with Hollow Knight and the GOATs, yes really.

Redemption-64136d ago

I have no idea, why people intentionally misinterpret what he said. I never knew game subscriptions only exclusive to Ubisoft. People just see a topic and never read pass the headline and run with it

Si-Fly136d ago

The problem is that whilst it might get close to being as good as an Ori or HK Ubisoft decided it needed to cost twice as much as those games! I can’t wait to play it but I’ll wait until it’s half price.

Redemption-64136d ago

The problem is people crying and not supporting the type of games they claim they want. Imagine if this was a live service game? The usual suspects would be screaming on top of a mountain about how this game sold poorly because it's a live service game. Yet, as I keep saying, watch the same people who never cared to support this game start a hate campaign if Ubisoft decideds to make the studio work on a live service game or decided to out the game on ice.

Also, I don't see any price on the budget of this game.

Barlos136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

But I'm trying to get comfortable with not owning Ubisoft games, so I'm not buying them.

EvertonFC136d ago

🐑🐑 he got took out of context.

Barlos135d ago

Tough on him then, he should choose his words more carefully.

Aloren135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

But aren't you the one who said , I quote "I'm trying to get comfortable with not owning Ubisoft games" , so I guess that means you agree with his out of context quote ? Maybe you should choose your words more carefully.

See ? That's how out of context work. That's just playing dumb for the sake of it, hoping others will catch the bait.

TheProfessional136d ago

The style of this just doesn't seem like Prince of Persia. Would've preferred Sands remake first