"Stellar Blade" interview: Influenced by "NieR"

Famitsu: "PlayStation (PS5) Stellar Blade will be released on April 26, 2024. This is the latest work by SHIFT UP, known for works such as NIKKE, and is an action-adventure in which the main character Eve fights against a mysterious enemy called Native. We interviewed SHIFT UP's CEO and Stellar Blade director Kim Hyung-tae and technical director Lee Dong-gi about the highly anticipated work, for which there is still little information."

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gold_drake104d ago

the trailer definitely had a automata feel to it. not mad about it

isarai103d ago

I actually got that vibe from the latest trailer, actually pretty excited for this

DarXyde103d ago

The influence is palpable. I'm not complaining. I absolutely adore Nier: Automata.

YourMommySpoils103d ago

We're all thankful for this. The NieR sequel we wanted.

Z501103d ago

We wanted a sequel to NieR. Not a Drakengard 3 remaster?

YourMommySpoils103d ago

What hallucinogens are you on.

Xenial102d ago

I'm happy with either or. :D

vTuro24102d ago

Fuck yeah I want a Drakengard 3 remaster. Or rather, a remake.

103d ago
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