Killzone dev responds to 'grey' critics

CVG: "Sure, look through our 119 Killzone 2 screenshots and you'll notice it's all a little grey. But it's not all like that, promises game director Mathijs de Jonge."

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POGfinder4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

The final 4 stages of the game are completely different

just wait for the review embargo to go away so that u can get a full details on that


Feb 27 = not far away

New KZ2 ces video


WANNA GET HIGH4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

They do not need to respond.Killzone2 is being compared to Crysis.It dose not get any better than that.. :)

Ps3 games are on the same level as PC games.. :)

AAACE54189d ago

Gears of War had a similar issue, but that kind of stuff doesn't matter as long as the game is good! The only people who will let this bother them is the haters.

Something alot of gamers may not know (because they haven't experienced real life), when you are in a gun fight, everything gets a tone to it. Usually everything seems darker, or just kind of blends to one particular color.

I believe that's what Killzone 2 and Gears were trying to point out!

When I say gunfight, I mean when your life is on the line... not shooting at a gunrange or hunting. It's different when you know somebody is trying to kill you.

Lifendz4189d ago

Gears is almost entirely grey and brown. No complaints from the media there. KZ2 is said to actually change up towards the end and yet all I read are how grey it is or how gloomy it is. Sheesh, damage control by the 360 media fanboys. Don't hate, just get a PS3.

anh_duong4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

helghan can't be much more grey and miserable than london right now.

gaffyh4189d ago

@Lifendz - Yeah, that's what you call a double standard, two faced, biased, fanboyism, unfair, hypocritical.

Take you pick.

pixelsword4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

It'll be the top 1% absolute best Grey you'll ever see on a console this gen if it was.

I mean, have you seen some of this in the Beta?

...and it gets BETTER?

prowiew4189d ago

Actually, Gears was critizided a lot for being greying and brownish.

On topic, I like the grey look in killzone. It adds to the style and environment of the game.

Lifendz4189d ago

links or it didn't happen.

But I'm aware that some people said it was grey and brownish but not nearly as many people that said it's gorgeous and set the benchmark in graphics. If you don't think there's a double standard then there's not much I can say to you to convince you otherwise.

There is a double standard. It's obvious. Things are turning (Gamestop gave MGS4 best graphics) but, for the most part, the media is a bunch of 360 fanboys that look for a way to slam PS3 games while looking for a way to praise 360 games.

deeznuts4189d ago

Does anyone complain about Saving Private Ryan's colors? This is war people! It's art, not a freaking home movie.

DaTruth4189d ago

So who cares what they say about a game they have only seen one level of, they will just eat it when the game releases and the only argument they have is a total and utter FAIL!!! Look at MGS4; Everything was, "oh this" and "oh that", then the game comes out and it's "BEST GAME EVER"!!!

prowiew4189d ago


I dont have links to give you (thats because im at work, no time to search). But I remember everyone sayin the games looks good but brownish (that doesnt mean a negative criticize) But really, I haven't seen a lot of sites criticizing the greyish killzone in a negative way. I know it looks greyish(nobody cant deny it), but to me thats the way this game should look to give it the atmosphere. It looks great.

computer4189d ago

The feeling one gets upon controlling the character for the first time is hard to describe in Killzone 2. Beta people all know what I'm talking about. There's almost a "is this really a GAME?" feeling.

ButterToast4189d ago

Even if the whole game was grey, they did it so well I wouldn't mind.

IdleLeeSiuLung4189d ago

Why are people complaining about the color of a game. That is just ridiculous. That is just the art direction of the game....

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THC CELL4189d ago

when u are in a war its gray black and dirty

Not like telly tubbies halo
hippy colors

People should get off Killzone back

Welcome to the next gen Killzone is the start wats next
Cant wait to see R3 and God 3
then what ?

3d games what will be sick

Gue14189d ago

when you're in war the color of nature doesn't go into adjustments for the mood...

POGfinder4189d ago

OPM clearly said that

also new KZ2 CES video


cayal4189d ago

"when you're in war the color of nature doesn't go into adjustments for the mood..."

lol that made me laugh.

thereapersson4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

So true!

I don't get why people expect dark, gritty war games to have a massive amount of color saturation and bright, shiny graphical effects.

Killzone 2 is about as close as we can get to a fictitiously real war on another planet without it actually being real and filmed on video.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4189d ago

...I found 'xBox 360' Exclusive games in 2008 looking well er erm hmm you know...outdated??? Will Micro$oft fix that for 2009??? ;-D

MORE PINK!!! A WAR in PINK and Silly Colours we need!!!
Oh we got 'Halo 3' for that!!! ;-D

+ It's been 2 Months i haven't looked at a 'KillZone 2' Video or any Photos...WHY??? I don't want to spoil the game when i get it;)

FPS NEXT-GEN Starts when i say so!!! ;-D

+ What next??? - 'KILLZONE 3[D]' on PS3;) (Get it??? 3D???) ;)

Consoldtobots4189d ago

now that would be funny, "Halo Tubbies"

likedamaster4189d ago

"" Greyzone 2 ""

That is just messed up

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THC CELL4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

This game can be black and white for all i care

Day 1 for me

Btw any review to this game is below a 9 are not gamers
they are just sad bashing pri*ks

POGfinder4189d ago

day 1 no matter whatever happens

Jazz41084188d ago

Sony Fanboys say that about every Sony game. If its below a nine, look microsoft paid them or there biased or its a 360 site.


Day 1.....Not Me .....

Midnight it will be in my ps3 :)

gta28004189d ago

Screw your day one, or your midnight. First minute for me. I'm gonna make sure I'm first in line XD.

macalatus4189d ago

First microseconds for me bud!! :) XD

P4KY B4189d ago

Even as a 360 fan I can accept that this game looks good.

But I think the devs are holding back the best bits.
We've been seeing the same grey screen shots for a year, I think GG are going to hit everyone with a massive knockout punch once the other levels are revealed.


If only PP had the same brain as u.. :p

POGfinder4189d ago

only if all the reviewers were like you

you do know edge/eurogamer/1up/gamespot?

i just wish they were unbiased like you

thereapersson4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

And yeah, I think the devs are holding back a lot of the game so as not to spoil it when actual consumers get it home and realize there is a lot more to it than what they saw on the internet.

Smart, really, to do it that way. In this situation, the only people who "spoil" things are the players themselves (read: beta testers) for other people. I've read numerous previews that have stated the end of the game is one of the most epic story progression moments they've ever experienced in at least an FPS game, if not gaming in general.

To everyone else:

If you don't buy this, or at least give yourself the chance to play it objectively and unbiased, you're not a gamer.

Sean Ryno4189d ago

Same here P4, Killzone 2 looks like my kinda game, though I am in favor of the 360. Maybe one day, there will be a universal console and large corporations (M$, Sony, and Nintendo) will battle each other over who can develop the best software and games. *Dream*

Til, then I'll have to wait until RE5 and Halo Wars. Halo Wars, ^drool^

ultimolu4189d ago

You'll get a bubble from me as well.
Well said.

dragunrising4189d ago

I'm in a generous mood as well:-p I never had a problem with the palette of GeOW 1 & 2, Resistance 1, nor any other game. Grey and brown are more "realistic" colors so for the sake of realism there shouldn't be any complaints.

Killjoy30004189d ago

Just think of the whole MGS4 debacle. "OMG THE WHOLE GAMEZ GONNA BE BROOOOOOOWN WHAAAA, WHAAAAA, WHAAAAAA!!" Look what happened. The fanboys took a few good brutal smacks to the mouth.

DaTruth4189d ago

You beat me to it. I guess it was just logical.

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