Rise of the Ronin - Gameplay Overview | PS5 Games

FORGE YOUR FATE. Team Ninja Game Director - Fumihiko Yasuda dives into exclusive Rise of the Ronin gameplay, captured on PS5.

deadfrag77d ago

Looks very good gameplay wise but i hope Team Ninja gets that wonky framerate to lock at 60fps minimum because right now its not.

jznrpg77d ago

Definitely getting this game.

Tacoboto77d ago

I want to be excited for this game but I don't think it knows what it wants to be. The guns, the flying, the zipping around, the jankiness, the weirdly flat lighting, all come together in trailers so far in a way that makes it seem like a knockoff of better games that inspired it.

Crows9077d ago

Its based on a certain time period...its a team ninja game...at least try to make sense.

Tacoboto77d ago

A certain time period where there was instant paragliding and grappleshots with an unstable frame rate.
Yeah I'm so convinced now that you contextualized why it looks so bad. Thaaanks

Chilliersplash77d ago

Ghost Of Tsushima looks a lot better than this

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PlayStation Stars Members Can Claim Free Helldivers 2/Rise Of The Ronin

PlayStation Stars members now have the opportunity to use reward points to claim free copies of Helldivers 2 and Rise of the Ronin.

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the best deal i got on PlayStation stars was getting a 10 dollar PSN card with points and getting Assassin creed black flag with it for free this was a month ago and have finished the game {one of the best Assassin creed games for sure}

rlow121h ago

I love black flag. For me it was the best of all the assassin creed games.

VersusDMC1d 15h ago

Doing the calculations you would save 10$ plus tax on helldivers 2 with the points over using them on psn credit. At least in canada.

Problem is i doubt i will ever get to 10k points. I got 2k points and i will probably use 1250 to get 5 off the FXVI DLC.

Lexreborn21d 12h ago

I got 6200 I am debating on using it to put towards rise of ronin or continue stacking it

thorstein1d 15h ago

Every time I get enough points to buy a $5 credit to my wallet, that's what I do. 1,250 points for $5.

I don't think I'd save up that many points.

CrimsonWing691d 14h ago

I mean, technically you have to spend enough money on the PSN store to acquire the points, but yea once you have enough you cash them in for these so it is free in that sense.

FPSRUSSIA1d 14h ago (Edited 1d 14h ago )

i agree the only downside is its only for digital items games DLC etc but it is worth it if you collect enough points.

MrNinosan1d 9h ago

I actually have close to 10k points without spending anything on digital purchases.
It all comes from the free points that can be acquired.

Demetrius22h ago

Sony should offer coupons that offer discounts, maybe pay a fee for like 2 or 3 more coupons to use for that month on whatever you wana buy like 50% off coupons, idk something lol

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Koei Tecmo Revises Forecast After Rise Of The Ronin & Other Game Sales Underperform

Koei Tecmo has revised its financial forecast for the current fiscal year after Rise of the Ronin and other games sales underperformed.

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TwoPicklesGood2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Sales projections have been dropped by 11% and operating income by 28%. Software sales are missing the intended target by the equivalent of $70 million. Ouch!

Obscure_Observer2d ago

Going exclusive with Playstation turn out to be yet another bad decision in this case.

It´s not the PS4 era anymore and the new PS Plus is clearly taking its tool on games sales on PS5 too.

Not nearly as harsh as Gamepass on Xbox mind you, but clearly strong enough to have a negative impact on gaming companies perception on exclusivity with one platform going forward. Especially regarding AAA games.

purple1011d 22h ago

When you say “ yet another bad decision in this case”

Doesn’t that mean there’s. Whole host of other bad decisions to be able to say “yet another”

Which others are terrible I’m a ps fan, but still want to hear

shaenoide1d 21h ago

Or maybe the game isn't as good as it should be to be released on this timeframe


Another bad decision 😂the game is trash and if you think that releasing on the Xbox platform would help them you're out of your damn mind. Xbots don't buy games gameass is the welfare of gaming

Eonjay1d 21h ago

This is incorrect. The title says its Rise of Ronin but the press release doesn't say that. They could (and seem to be) referring to multiple titles. Also, if sales were down, it wasn't because of PlayStation exclusivity but rather average scores.

Obscure_Observer1d 21h ago


"Which others are terrible I’m a ps fan, but still want to hear"

According to reports:

Babylon´s Fall, Forspoken, Foamstars, FF: XVI and lastly FF: Rebirth and Rise of Ronin, all of those games underperformed in some level despite the technical quality and critical acclaim.

1d 21h ago
savedsynner1d 20h ago

Rise of the Ronin also released the same day as the bigger profile Dragon's Dogma 2...plus, it was a solid game but not a hit.

LucasRuinedChildhood1d 20h ago (Edited 1d 20h ago )

"Babylon´s Fall, Forspoken, Foamstars, FF: XVI and lastly FF: Rebirth and Rise of Ronin, all of those games underperformed in some level despite the technical quality and critical acclaim."

Babylon's Fall literally has a 41 on Metacritic. lol. What are you talking about?
Forspoken: 59/64
Foamstars: 57

FF16 and FF7R still sold a lot.

SquareEnix once claimed that Tomb Raider (2013) was a financial failure despite being a massive hit.

"Underperform" is their catchphrase. Their expectations over the last few console generations have been a bit absurd. Some other examples I found: https://www.neogaf.com/thre...

The association you're trying to create doesn't actually make sense. This stuff was going in for many years before GamePass or a PS Plus catalog. They sold off all of their non-Japanese studios too.

Anyone can create a narrative when you exclude context. For example, Final Fantasy 13 sold 1 million on PS3 and X360 in its opening week while FF16 sold 3 million on PS5 in the same timeframe.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider is genuinely the only SquareEnix game where the sales completely imploded by being exclusive to one console.