Edge: Smart Casual

Edge writes: "The Experience Music Project, lurking under the spindly shadow of Seattle's Space Needle, is a Frank Gehry building: shiny, eye-catching and underwhelming. Like many of the architect's works, there's the ever-present hint of a troubled child making a poorly judged bid for attention in its mixture of the colourful and the noisy, the flimsy and the insubstantial.

It's also extremely popular as a venue for corporate events, which is why on a night in late October, PopCap, the company behind unassuming mega-hits like Chuzzle and Peggle, took over the EMP for the launch of Bejeweled Twist, the latest instalment in its backbone franchise. To date, sales of Bejeweled games have already topped 25 million units; in its own quiet way, Twist is as important to the industry as a new Halo release."

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