Videogamer: Meteos Wars Review

Videogamer writes: "Meteos Wars is the Xbox LIVE Arcade version of Meteos, the stupendous 2005 DS puzzle game so good that it warranted a 9/10 in our review. We loved it primarily because the controls were perfectly optimised for play with the touch screen. As blocks fell from the top of the screen you were able to use the stylus to create rows of three or more of the same colour, which then turned into thrusters propelling the blocks above them up the screen. The first player to have a block touch the top of the screen loses. Meteos Wars follows almost exactly the same format sans the stylus.

Instead, you have to use either the left thumb stick or the d-pad to painstakingly move your a cursor through the blocks one by one, then press the A button to cycle them upwards or the X button to cycle them down. It's immediately apparent that this is a slower, far less intuitive way of playing the game. The question is, does it make Meteos Wars a poor game?"

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