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TVGB writes: "I hated the original Killzone on PS2. I thought it was a boring, run-of-the-mill FPS with horribly linear level design, so-so graphics and a story that couldn't hold me even if it would've cuddled afterwards. Killzone: Liberation for PSP, on the other hand, was an amazing action experience that I so desperately wanted to see super-sized to play with the big boys in HD land as Killzone 2. To say Killzone 2 had the odds stacked against it would be an understatement and nothing short of it delivering me rainbows and sunshine could make it better. Here's where I admit defeat. Also, I'm kind of a d**k.

What I'm about to say is very bold and will no doubt have some of you calling me bad names: Killzone 2 is the best looking console game ever. I say it completely without exaggeration because it's true and I love you too much to lie."

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Elimin83566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this, but all you guys out there waiting for review(s) go suck a fat one. I understand those waiting to try out a demo, rent even, but a review from someone who may not have anything positive to add to what you may experience if you just get the damn thing? I say if you played the first Killzone and/or Liberation, then you should by all means get K2. Even if you haven't played K1 or Liberation....... don't let someone else decide for you.. Besides if they have already experienced it "hence the review" Why shouldn't you.

Ju3566d ago

Huh ? Did you read the article ?

It closes, quote:

"With a 10-15 hour single-player campaign, multiplayer modes with mission objectives, bots, classes and experience points, I’m super, super excited for Killzone 2 to hit us in the face and pants this February. I saw its face, now I’m a believer."

Elimin83566d ago

My comment was a response to some of the comments from the "gamers" waiting for X amount of reviews to decide whether they get the game or not... and yes I did read the article.....My point still stands..

deathray3566d ago

and you need an attitude adjustment. I wait for reviews and demos (lots of them) because $60 is a lot of money to put out for a game if it sucks. I preordered KZ2, however. It's gonna pwn.

Ace_Shooter3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

his point isn't stupid. Why would you base your opinion of a game on someone elses review more than your own??? Yeah SOME reviews do have a legitimate reason as to why the game sucks BUT imo if a review site gives a certain game a '10', that doesn't mean YOU will enjoy it just as much.

Edit: demos do help with a decision ;)

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Mr_Zkaar3567d ago

Any true PS3 Fan that doesn't buy this day one, needs a head check. This is the defining moment for the PS3. Be there to make gaming history, Killzone 2 is going to raise the bar for console shooters.

Be a part of it guys, go get this awesome shooter.

Michael Jackson3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

"What I’m about to say is very bold and will no doubt have some of you calling me bad names: Killzone 2 is the best looking console game ever. I say it completely without exaggeration because it’s true and I love you too much to lie."

I love you too. :*

SL1M DADDY3567d ago

Much man love here.

HUGS for everyone!

*opens arms wide*

hay3566d ago

* feels lucky and starts to undress himself *

C'mon lads!

SL1M DADDY3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Now let's not get too carried away...

*looks inquisitively*

Are those nipples pierced?

Zip3567d ago

so did the reviewers say about lbp, gta 4 ect. this time I am going to hold my horses and wait for REAL peoples unpenions, or hell even wait for a demo.

yoghurt3567d ago

^^ I think from my point of view its safe to say i'm not waiting for anyones opinions, I am getting this game regardless. If you want real people opinions head over to neogaf or the killzone forums and check out peoples thoughts on the MP beta, that in itself is enough, let alone the hands on comments from people who have played the single player.

GrieverSoul3567d ago

The best opinion you can find is your own!

Opinions are like penises! Evereyone has one, each one is diferent from the other and guys lie about it! XD

The best thing to do is buy the game! Try it for 2 or 3 days, if you like it, keep it, if you dont, sell for 10 maybe 20 euros less than it costed you. At least you tryied it yourself and have no regrets or doubts about trying it or not.

Torch3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

"Opinions are like penises! Evereyone has one..."

I certainly hope not! If that ever does happen, please kindly shoot me dead.

Twice. ;)

But until then, KZ2 will remain on the forefront of my beloved, expanding PS3 library.

SL1M DADDY3566d ago

I have to say that where I am from, we have these beings called "woman" and they sir, do not have penises... Well, not all of them anyway.

GrieverSoul3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

U guys know what I mean! ; )

From now on I will say every guy has one!

SL1M DADDY3566d ago

You could just say that opinions are like butt-holes. Everybody does have one of those. ;-)

deathray3566d ago

you could stop daydreaming about them.

Traveler3566d ago

I do like to read reviews to get an idea about a game, but in the end I use my own judgment. After all, Uncharted was given average scores by some reviewers but it turned out to be one of my favorite games of all time.

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phews8013567d ago

support our system regardless what critics say its up to us to make it a hit!!!
so sony can keep pushing the next gen even further....

Fishy Fingers3567d ago

I have no intention of buying/supporting anything that I dont think is of quality.

But GG have gained my upmost admiration. My time with the beta has obliterated any chance of me playing R2, Gears 2 or COD4/5 again. They simply dont match up to KZ in any way. So with all that considered, GG will get my money for anything with Killzone 2 in the title.

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