PSP Fanboy : Worldwide PSP releases for the week of January 12

Majed Athab writes "Yeah, you guessed it. Go back to sleep.

NA Games:
No new releases

EU Games:
No new releases

Asian Games:
SEGA Rally Revo (Sega the Best)

The only game out this week is Asia's budget release of SEGA Rally Revo. There's not much else to say about nothing, so we'll leave it at that"

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TheColbertinator3567d ago

Someone call Sony and let them know why people think the PSP isn't a gaming machine.

sinncross3567d ago

Yes because Sony makes all the games that appear on their consoles...

Lombax3567d ago

I can play all PS1 games on my PSP.

MiloGarret3567d ago

Lol, I thought there was going to be an actual release list... I'm waiting for a good game for my psp, taking a dump is getting boring.

cliffbo3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

there are tons of games coming out this year. stop the complaining and be patient. it's not like the DS you know. you can't knock one up at the weekend. it requires the same amount of dev time as a PS2 because it's as powerful as a PS2. get used to it