Palworld takes over the world – Spectator Mode Podcast Ep. 145

The Outerhavenw writes: Spectator Mode Podcast episode 145 - the crew talks about Sega's blunder in hiring XQC for Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, Palworld, and more.

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Palworld's Pals Shouldn't Be the Only Friendly Faces

Palworld offers plenty of companions in its titular critters, but there are other characters in Palpagos who could be similarly supportive.

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Palworld update patch notes include big changes to breeding and Alpha Pals

While summer is just over the horizon, right now fans have a new update to download on PC as well as Xbox. Here you will find the full Palworld update patch notes that include huge changes to breeding and Alpha Pals.


Palworld dev slams lies and blind 'hate campaign' sullying Pocketpair's reputation

The Pocketpair community manager has slammed the blind lies and continuous 'hate campaign' aimed at Palworld.

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Sgt_Slaughter9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I mean, they should get flack. They stole designs and art, as well as used AI. They also did the same thing when it came to their other game which was a ripoff of Hollow Knight

Christopher9d ago

All claims of stealing assets were from someone who modified assets to make them look the same AFAIK.

Michiel19899d ago

most games are ripoffs of something with their own spin on it, except we call it iterating. As long as the so called "rip offs" are fun and good, I'm all for it.

thorstein9d ago

Delete all your social media. The majority of people playing your game don't care what people are saying.