Hey Look, These Playstation Gamer's Voice Video Reviews Are Umm...Hilarious

NextGen Player writes:

"Budding videographers eager to review Playstation video game titles have been busy preparing short clips to post on Playstation's recently launched Gamer's Voice.

While the quantity of videos is somewhat lacking, the quality is top notch. Don't believe me? See for yourself:"

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Aaron Greenturd4191d ago

"I have to wear this helmet when I play the game, in order to be safe"

No, you have to wear a helmet because you're retarded...

OGharryjoysticks4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Actually I really liked both clips better than HipHopGamer's stuff and it even looks like this guy has a bigger budget :)

KingHippo194190d ago

I think they're funny reviews. I can't wait for him to publish more.

rdgneoz34190d ago

And this is why birth control was invented...