Palworld best graphics settings to increase FPS and fidelity

We've covered the best graphics settings for Palworld, whether you're looking for FPS, fidelity, or performance.

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mastershredder84d ago

The amount of sites simping for this game dude... You're like parrot dominoes.

Christopher84d ago

Sites go where the audience goes.


Palworld Pal Arena update coming later this year

PocketPair has officially unveiled its next big update for Palworld and it comes in the form of arena battles – a feature that many have wanted since the game’s release back in January.


The New Palworld Update Might Delete Your Save Data, Says Developer

Palworld's new update is causing Xbox player's save data to go missing, throwing a wrench in people's Raid Boss plans.

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Palworld Xbox update patch notes

Here are the patch notes for the Xbox version of the Palworld update which adds the first Raid boss to the game.

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