Bethesda responds to complaints that modders are fixing Starfield faster than the actual devs

Bethesda has been publishing regular updates addressing various Starfield bugs for several months now, and community modders have been addressing many of the same issues - sometimes at a faster pace. Today, in the aftermath of the beta launch of the latest Starfield patch, the studio has explained why mods might be able to handle bug fixes faster than the devs themselves.

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jjb198187d ago

Typical jargon that translates to: "It just works".

Rocketisleague87d ago

Not really, it's typical...professional software development versus low quality development with high risks.

Imo Bethesda is just poor at development but what they're saying in the article is normal for large code bases. This is the whole "agile transformation" that so many companies re trying to follow and either doing well or messing up.

VenomUK87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Bethesda’s been using its Creation Engine for years and this likely because its developers are intimately familiar with it and it doesn’t have to pay licensing fees. But CE is now visually dated and now Bethesda is owned by Microsoft, so there is no necessity to hang on to every penny so like 343i it should consider switching to Unreal Engine 5.

Jin_Sakai87d ago

Bethesda knows modders finish their games for them.

OtterX87d ago

Bethesda to Gamers: "You're not playing it right."

Bethesda to Modders: "You're not modding it right."

Chocoburger87d ago

Despite the multiple delays, this game needed an additional two years of development and polish before it should have come out. What a mess.

I'd be shamed of myself and co-workers being quickly out-classed by individuals working for free in their spare time fixing my broken junky game. 🤪

Andrew33686d ago

Outclassed because people can edit some files and change some things around?

Christopher86d ago

Wow. Just, wow. Someone implements proper GPU features, but it's just editing some files and changing some things around. Anyone who can type on a keyboard can do it. It doesn't at all take programming knowledge, understanding of the game engine and programming for such things at all.

I mean, just think about it. If it was so easy, why didn't Bethesda do it? I mean, we're talking just one week for the intern, right?

Bathyj87d ago

Some people are just better at their jobs than others

Markdn87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Does Microsoft own a dev that knows how to fix there broken games, halo, forza and starfield are but a few

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15 Single Player Games That Divided Fans

One way or another, these games provoked strong reactions.

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banger885d ago

I don't think Days Gone divided fans. For the most part, gamers loved it. It was the reviewers who were divided. Self-loathing racist pieces of shit that took exception to the main character being white. This was a fantastic game, one of the best open-world games I ever played, and I've played them all.

Cacabunga4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Second you on this.. I had absolute blast playing this game!! Memorable!

TLOU 2 I thought was utter s***.. I still haven’t finished it and stopped about halfway (apparently).

It wasn’t fans divided around The Order, it was a period where xbox fanboys were thinking Rise was a more engaging game so they were spreading a lot of hate..
Today they are hibernating with nothing to play
The Order was short, no denying, but a great game with huge potential

shinoff21834d ago

I enjoyed days gone and last of us 2. PeoPke trippin.

I always thought the order was kinda whack seeming so I never tried it. Id like to now though.

Jon615864d ago

No thr order was a short, clunky mediocre yet visually stunning game. I thoughts so and pretty much every other reviewer did too.

thorstein4d ago

The Order, where length was a criterion for rating a game, but only this particular game and no others.

Demetrius4d ago

I agree on my 2nd playthrough, ps5 this time

RavenWolfx4d ago

While I enjoy what is there in Days Gone, I mourn what was lost. The first trailers for Days Gone showed a morality system that looked interesting. For example, in the beginning when you are chasing down Leon and after you caught him, you could choose to shoot him or leave him for the freaks. You can see hints of it in other places, like if you catch a bandit unaware sometimes they will disarm and it seems like Deacon had the option to shoot them or let them go (he automatically lets them go).

Crows904d ago

Whatever...those systems unless revolutionary don't add much...they rarely do in games that do have them.

anast4d ago

For the most part, when it comes to Last of Us 2, incels, homophobes, and closet national socialist types didn't like it. I repeat not all, but most.

Days Gone is a great game and it was attacked by the leftist socialist people that are actually closet fascists. As a great poet once said: "Socialism is the mother of fascism."

The Order got hit from anti-Sony Xbox fans.

Out of these 3, Last of Us 2 stands above as being a work of art. It's still generating a ton conversation to this day.

coolbeans4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

-"Last of Us 2, incels, homophobes, and closet national socialist types didn't like it. I repeat not all, but most."

It's so weird & cringe to see other gamers paint this broad brush of *who* didn't like Part II. Why take the "most who disagree with me are Hitler" type of mentality over game tastes?

-"The Order got hit from anti-Sony Xbox fans."

No other community I've dabbled in - be it social media or gaming forums - has built up such a dedicated defense for The Order like N4G. This attitude fundamentally blows my mind, especially in the face of similar older titles (hello Uncharted 1) that already did a marginally better job at storytelling and gameplay. It almost feels like some N4G group chat made this reflexive defense as a meme and a bunch of posters are still playing along with it. No offense to genuine Order fans, but I simply can't shake that feeling.

Yui_Suzumiya4d ago

Well to be fair, I remember being only one of a few people on this site that actually praised The Order when it for came out and got alot of flack for it. Over time it seems opinions have changed about it.

anast4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

saying something is "cringe" doesn't prove me wrong. You just throw words out and hope they stick. Bring some evidence to prove me otherwise.

I got:

Letizi, R., & Norman, C. (2023). “You Took That From Me”: Conspiracism and Online Harassment in the Alt-Fandom of The Last of Us Part II. Games and Culture, 0(0). https://doi.org/10.1177/155...

You're up. Maybe you can change my mind.

Because NG4 defended it doesn't mean NG4 is the gospel of gaming.

thorstein4d ago

Yeah Yui, it was "the game to hate" at the time. What was bizarre was the, as usual, journalists that were lying about the game and their stories were approved.

It was all clickhate all the time for the Order. I defended it too.

coolbeans3d ago


-"I remember being only one of a few people on this site that actually praised The Order when it for came out and got alot of flack for it."

That could've been the case right at release, but you should see more recent opinion articles on here. There's a pretty substantial cadre who defend it on here as being "unfairly tarnished" that I simply don't see elsewhere.

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Skuletor4d ago

Most of the backlash against The Last Of Us 2 was people upset that Joel was killed off, simple as that.