VGC Review: Prince of Persia

VGC writes: "he Prince of Persia franchise is a staple of the platforming genre. The first Prince of Persia was released way back in 1989 on the Apple II, and since then 8 more games have been released spanning pretty much every platform. Now the series has made its seventh generation debut with Prince of Persia, the first game since the 1989 classic to have no subtitle.

Prince of Persia, unsurprisingly, stars a rugged action-hero style prince, who gets lost in the desert and stumbles into an ancient kingdom. Upon reaching this kingdom he meets a princess named Elika, who is fleeing her mad father who seeks to resurrect the god of darkness Ahriman. Her father succeeds, and the Prince and Elika set out to restore the fertile lands around the kingdom and re-imprison Ahriman. The plot isn't going to blow your mind, but it gives you a decent excuse to run, jump, and climb around the kingdom. The characters themselves fall into the fairly generic action movie stereotypes of the gruff outlaw Prince and the noble but witty Elika. On the other hand the dialog can be witty, and despite the relative freedom in choosing the order in which you progress through the plot, the relationship between the characters is well developed and interesting."

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