VGC Interview: VGChartz Creeps Around With Deadly Creatures Developer

VGChartz interviews Lead Game Designer Jordan Itkowitz on the upcoming Wii-exclusive insect brawler

Ever since the launch of the Wii, developers have had a place to test out their more unconventional game ideas. We've seen cooking titles, stress-relieving ocean-divers, and NERF-based first-person shooters. However, even by these standards, the announcement of action-adventure game Deadly Creatures came way out of left field. Under development by THQ's Rainbow Studios, the game places players in the roles of a rival tarantula and scorpion in their desert home, upon which two humans have recently encroached. We caught up with Jordan Itkowitz, Lead Game Designer at Rainbow, to talk about his inspiration for the game, THQ's desire to help satisfy the demand for core games on the Wii, and just how much effort they're putting in to give us an experience of the highest quality. Many thanks go out to Mr. Itkowitz, Rainbow Studios, and THQ for their generosity in allowing us this interview."

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