CwG: Deadly Creatures' Death: More Canceled Wii Games in North America

Just about two weeks ago, Coffee with Games broke the news that Metroid Prime: Trilogy Collector's Edition, Mario Strikers Charged, Battalion Wars 2, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, and Wario Land: Shake It! are no longer being published/shipped by Nintendo in North America.

All the games mentioned above are games by Nintendo. Coffee with Games received confirmation of two 3rd Party Wii games currently not being published or shipped in North America. One of the games canceled wasn't surprising, but the second game was very surprising, because it was released less than a year ago.

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tunaks13189d ago

i have a feeling Nintendo is going to start players choice games (like greatest hits), they are starting to release players choice games in japan, their probably getting ready to release them in NA and Europe.

Elven63189d ago

What good would that do if the games weren't selling in the first place asides from the Nintendo stuff?

The Wii has had plenty of great third party stuff but it simply hasn't been selling.

SpoonyRedMage3189d ago

Because their new player's choice is based on the user ratings on the Nintendo channel so they're a mark of quality, not sales potential. Also the fact that it seems to be only for third party titles anyway.

... it's not like Ratatouille is a great tragedy if it didn't sell well.

Also THQ have had great success with De Blob and are very pleased with it's performance and said it was to due the game's Nintendo-esque qualities, a quality many of these games lack.

tunaks13189d ago

player choice games sell for less=more sales
oh and i was never specifically talking about these games in the article either,

NecrumSlavery3189d ago

Good games. But when you focus on casual games like Puppy Luv and WiiFit, and then tell the hardcore to eat poo, why do you expect? This are good games tht are failing do to Nintendo failing them.

tunaks13189d ago

first of all your grammar needs work, second your "argument" is weak, good games? Ratatoui? Deadly Creatures was good but short ( I rented it) have you played any of these games?

please save your BS for the Open Zone

asdr3wsfas3189d ago

Apparently when you tell a niche market to eat poo you get 20 million sellers. Nintendogs again proves most people would rather play updated Dogz than tedious hardcore games designed to suck the life out of you.

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Venox20083189d ago

I wish that some people would buy some hits like Madworld, HOTD overkill, muramasa, little kings story, deadly creatures, No more hoeroes, munchables, silent hill:SM, klonoa, dead space:extraction, RE:darkside chronicles and a lot of more, becouse if people would buy them, there wouldn't be a situation like this.. people, buy games, so we could get better and better titles :) [seriously] :)

readiandnot3189d ago

How many of the titles you mentioned had advertising? MadWorld had a crapping 5 second spot at the end of a GameStop commercial. The others I don't believe had any lengthy(if any) advertising campaigns at all.

asdr3wsfas3189d ago

None of those games approached the budget or developer quality of any AAA title on another system. If you give consumers low-grade crap they will not buy it in the same numbers as a highly polished title.

MK_Red3189d ago

I still wish they had released Deadly Creatures on PS3/360. It could have been much more detailed.

CoffeewithChess3189d ago

"The Wii has had plenty of great third party stuff but it simply hasn't been selling."

I wouldn't say the Wii has had "plenty" of great games that don't sell. I would say the Wii has had good games, that don't advertise and don't sell. If people don't know about the game, how can they even be interested in it to buy it.

Deadly Creatures should have been advertised on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

pcz3188d ago

I prefer the original releases. I hate the way the packaging has 'players choice' plastered all over the original artwork, even changing the colours. It looks cheap and tacky.