Video game sales up 1.7% in Europe during 2023 | European Annual Report

Small growth for game sales across Europe, but console sales up significantly due to PS5.

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Nyxus134d ago

"This is mostly due to the PS5, which saw a 177% increase in sales year-on-year. PS5 suffered severe stock issues during 2022.

PS5 was far and away the biggest console of the year. Nintendo Switch holds the No.2 spot, with sales dipping nearly 10% over the year before.

In third place is Xbox Series S and X, which saw sales drop nearly 18% over the year before."

gold_drake134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

"177% increase in sales of the ps5, year on year"


Abnor_Mal134d ago

PlayStation, the Atlas of the gaming world.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Sells 11 Million Copies

Since launching in October 2023, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has sold 11 million copies.

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just_looken38m ago(Edited 37m ago)

This is bad for them as we know they were already in marvel hell with there schedule but now they are never getting out with these sales.

Some poor sob over there is like hey can we do infamous remaster collection? then gets yelled at thrown to a desk made to work on spiderman 3 or some shit for the the next 3 years.

This also gave sweet baby inc more support they helped with the sotry and she hulk aka marry jane so why not make the next spiderman game with gwen but her powers only work after she attends lgbqt rallies fear the power of queer right's bad guys.


Just had a thought make a new super hero with the power of rainbows that come out of the wrist jerk of men to supercharge the attack.

Abnor_Mal26m ago

Just making up bullsht off the top of yer head huh?

andy8519m ago(Edited 17m ago)

"These sales" like it's a tiny number? It's sold what Spiderman 1 did on the PS4 in the same timeframe and that was labelled a huge success and there was 100 million PS4s out there at that time...compared to 50m PS5. Selling the same amount is nothing short of amazing. What a strange post

just_looken10m ago(Edited 9m ago)

Wow sound the trumpit defend them asap right?

I know 2023 was along time ago but there was a ransomware attack remember?

So yeah they are marvel game maker slaves

"these sales" means these sales there could have been a slight tiny glimmer of hope they might make something else instead of another spiderman game with the same combat same map same dei story but nope they are now defiantly going to make another one.

and yes sweetbabyinc helped with the story/characters

But i get it everyone loves the nerfed bitch version of parker sense very few played/watched anything before the Spectacular days were over.

rlow13h ago

With a game called Spider-Man and made by Insomniac………..is anyone really surprised??? Congrats to them on their continued excellence in game crafting.

1Victor57m ago

Congrats to insomniac on another hit showing proof that it was a right move to be acquired by Sony unlike others developers getting closed or afraid of going on the chopping block.

Marvellepus51m ago

Nobody tell him Sony just closed studios and laid off insomniac staff 💀

Marvellepus2h ago

And still not profitable. Yikes.

Good deal for Marvel though. 50% cut of everything, zero work.

helicoptergirl2h ago

Brand new trolling account just made... YIKES

1Victor53m ago

“Brand new trolling account just made... YIKES”
Pay no mind to the obscured observer his account will be deleted as soon as the article go to the front page as his usualSPAM accounts 🤣

outsider162440m ago

Well come on..enlighten us, Marvellepus, show us these facts. Bring us the financial loss..lets hear it.

1Victor1h ago

@MarvellepusOBSCUREDOBSERVER “And still not profitable. Yikes.”
What is profitable in your OBSCURED eyes?

Marvellepus52m ago

Yes I am obscure. So what?

Chris won’t ban me because we’re buddies

Abnor_Mal19m ago

Didn’t Sony just make it known that this is the most profitable generation of the PlayStation platform with PS5 making $106 billion dollars in sales?

Marvellepus18m ago

And that means Spider-Man was profitable?

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Knightofelemia1h ago

I wonder how Wolverine will do once released?

jwillj2k41h ago

“Single player games don’t sell duuurrrrr” - your favorite xbot ceo


The Legend of Zelda: The Argument For and Against Abandoning BotW, TotK's Art Style

Art is a vital part of The Legend of Zelda's identity, and Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom have honored it beautifully.

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Starfield's recent player spike is good, but it needs its Cyberpunk 2077 moment now

Starfield's recent player spike is a good sign, but Bethesda desperately need to line up their Cyberpunk 2077 moment.

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ZeekQuattro5d ago

I feel like the second big update that releases late this year will do just that. Part of the story expansion is also new means of transportation on planets.