Indian Sales: Video Games Vs. Bollywood Mania

The Angry Pixel: "While leafing through the current issue of Business Today (January 25, 2009 edition), we came across a small piece on the reach of gaming in India, as compared to that of Bollywood music and movies. According to the article, a survey by Nielsen Company across 52 countries, one of which happened to be India, revealed some interesting facts."

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vmanj4195d ago

India is a very big country and it would certainly benefit companiez 2 invest in India cause the pop is always gonna increase and the gaming market in India is growing!!! Microsoft have really put time into Indian gaming market as they see the not so much (im not saying they've done nothing, next thing i no all the ps3 fanboyz r jumping on me with disaggrez)

kittoo4195d ago

Have see a lot of PlayStation ads on TV these days. The 'fun, anyone?' tagline ones.

buckethead_9114195d ago

Im really really happy that Microsoft launched the 360 + Xbox LIVE here in India. Love them for that reason :P and according to M$ themselves, the amount of 360s sold here are more than the ones sold in Singapore and Taiwan...thats good :)

And coming to the sony part. The Playstation is more popular here than the Xbox 360 because Sony has 3 platforms and not 1 like Microsoft.

The PSP and the PS2 are very popular while the PS3 is growing well....however, according to retailers, the 360 is outselling the PS3 here as of now because of the lower price.

LIVE has done so well here that Its made Sony bring PSN to hasnt been launched yet but till be out soon.

lord_of_balrogs4195d ago

Well India is the potentially 2nd biggest market in the world next to China, I'm not suprised it would have a potentially big game industry.

Bnet3434195d ago

Well the piracy in China is unbelievable. India, I'm not sure.

ThanatosDMC4195d ago

Walk the streets of Hong Kong at night when they set up shops on the street, they sell a ton of bootleg stuff. Heck, i bought ton of stuff to give to my friends.

You can find tons of phones, downloaded PSP games, and whatever movie you want in the Philippines. Their food is great and everything is inexpensive compared to the dollar.

Hmmm... i should go to Europe...

VMAN_014195d ago

My parents are from India but I am born here in Austraia, I can tell you that piracy is also quite high in India, for one when I went to India there were alot of people selling pirated movies.