Starfield Getting "Biggest Update Yet" With Over 100 Fixes and Improvements

Bethesda has promised a big update for Starfield, to be beta-tested on Steam next week. It's going to be the biggest yet with over 100 fixes and improvements.

Sonic1881137d ago

Is the game *fun* to play now 🤔

rlow1137d ago

So if you doubt it. Your statement indicates that you haven’t played it. So have you played it?

frostypants137d ago

@rlow1 how would doubting that the patch will make the game more fun in any way indicate that he hasn't played it?


Sadly I’d have to agree with you. It’s just not fun to play. When in combat it’s fun but anything outside of that feels like a chore. Running around on the planets is boring. Makes me wish Starfield had stolen a page out of Ubisoft’s bloated gameplay book.

LordoftheCritics137d ago

Woot game finally coming out of early access.

just_looken137d ago

Don't forget they sold 2 story dlcs packs so like redfall we are getting more content do too them already selling us the content.

Now the dlc could be crap like the main campaign or it might be amazing but they are tossing us 8 updates this yeat to starfield.

RhinoGamer88137d ago

I put 50 hours in. Fun level is the combat, but I skipped 80% of the narrative. The companions are so annoying. Every 20 minutes they request "I need to speak with you."

Jon61586137d ago

I enjoyed it for the 200 hours I put in.

Zeref136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

I love Starfield. I feel like people who say it's boring just don't like Space simulation games or were expecting a high action game. They don't even know what's boring about it. There's a shit ton of stuff to do.

Are there a lot of planets that don't have much on them? Well Yes. It's space.

Is it Game of The generation? Probably not. Not yet at least. I do believe it can get to skyrim level with DLC and mod support.

The only valid argument I see is that it does have a lot of loading screens. But they literally only last a few seconds. It's not immersion at all.

Other than that there's a lot of things to do and quests a lot of people haven't even discovered. So I don't understand how it's boring at all.

It's just one of those games that you can just get lost in so easily.

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raWfodog137d ago

Many games today are basically early access titles until the complete edition releases with all bug-fixes and DLC included

Demetrius137d ago

Lmao! Exactly I was playing sly cooper 2 the other day and even madagascar they both have in game unlockables lmao its these upper wana be dictator bosses that think they know everything but it's all in their own little minds, idiots lol

Inverno137d ago

In the case of Bethesda game, even the complete edition will have bugs. My last Oblivion character is forever a vampire cause the cure quest was left bugged in the GOTY edition.

Ninver137d ago

Reason why I wait a year to buy a game. By then it's cheaper and bugs ironed put. Win win for me.

raWfodog137d ago

I do the same thing. I’m just now playing Horizon FW complete edition. GoW Ragnarok is next on my list after this.

notachance137d ago

With all the backlog I have I never played games day one anymore 🤣

rlow1137d ago

That’s a valid point. These games are far more complicated to build and because of that I don’t see the trend ending. Who knows, probably AI will help out with it.

Armaggedon136d ago

That was aleays my theory. Advancement is getting to difficult for game developers to keep up with. Development times sre getting longer and there are far more screw ups than ever before. I definitely think AI is a way to combat this, and maybe even collaboration between multiple studios.

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Armaggedon137d ago

Awesome. Now a great game will be even greater..

Armaggedon136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

No Im not. I think Starfield is a great game. I’ve played them all from BG3 to to the Last of Us. For those that have the eyes to see the true nature of a thing despite the form it takes, they will see that Starfield is a beast of a game.

mooreneco21137d ago

Wow, can I fly between space and the planet yet or land my own ship? No. Can I explore all of the planet without boundaries? No. Hard pass from me then! I really wanted and tried to like it but it was just plain dull to play 🙄