Did Starfield really just win the “Most Innovative Gameplay” award?

Xbox RPG Starfield wins a major accolade in the Steam Awards but the massive Bethesda game might not be deserving of it after all.

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Lightning77104d ago

It was confirmed they were actually trolling it didn't win that award on Steam.

Micori104d ago

Valve confirmed it? Can you link me to that? I couldn’t find it.

VincentVanBro103d ago

Bro that isn't true no matter how much I want it to be lol

neomahi104d ago ShowReplies(2)
GaboonViper104d ago

LOL it was a troll, the Steam community did the same with RDR2.

darthv72103d ago

Maybe... but why cant they own it? Its like getting a razzie... some hate to have it happen while others just embrace it and own it and turn it into something positive. thus removing the stigma of getting it in the first place. So what if it wasnt a real award... XB will gladly accept it anyway. No harm no foul.

LightofDarkness104d ago

The Steam Awards were infiltrated by trolls. These are obviously joke votes, as RDO was abandoned years ago and constant loading screens are obviously a bit outmoded. PC gamers at their finest, I suppose.

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