Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart Sold Almost 4 Million Units

New data from the recent ransomware attack on Insomniac reveals that Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart sold nearly 4 million copies.

CrashMania173d ago

And zeref was running around all day saying it lost 8 million, turns out it made around 64 million in profit lmao.

Cacabunga171d ago

As much as i loved the trailers before release, this game felt like a major disappointment to me on many aspects.. the first and most important is the big lack of variety almost for the first time in the series. Weapons are so boring, levels are very classic and gadgets all deja vu.

The hack with Clank felt also very clumsy and very frustrating and the world is still classic with level select. I dont understand why not use SSD to move from level to another with no break.
This game is worst R&C i have played (i platinumed every single one of them).. into the nexus on PS3 was far more enjoyable than this one.

--Onilink--173d ago

Its not like the number was made up by anyone here… it was included in a report from the same hacked files.

Where are you coming up with 64 million ?

--Onilink--173d ago

Cool, thanks for the link. Nice to see it looks like it did make a profit, really love the R&C games and would hate for them them to go away.

CrashMania173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

Well, certain people jumped the gun and failed to take in to account that particular slide was dated from 2020 and was just a projection, running with it like it was already a done deal and a failure.

--Onilink--173d ago

True, though I would argue just as many people ran with it for the positive numbers of Spiderman as well haha.

I would also argue that just the date on the file is not actually enough to make any assumptions on what it was used for or how accurate it could be, its not like its uncommon to see a file continuously updated over a long period of time.
Same with these new numbers, all these hacked details really lack a lot of context to try to use them to come up with definitive numbers for anything, so ídeally all these sites should report them in a more responsible manner (if they decided to report on them at all, which is a whole different topic)

Crows90172d ago

It's a projected number...that's exactly what a mad up number is...lol

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shinoff2183173d ago

He ain't showing up for this one

wiz7191173d ago

@Crash so it only made $64M back but had a budget of $81M lol seems like they’re still in the negatives my boy by $17M

Plague-Doctor27173d ago

It cost $81 million to make and it sold $145 million by mid 2022. Hence $64 million in profit, and only more since then.

shinoff2183173d ago

Wiz you tried to hard. 64 mill looks like was profitable. For then to say profit they would've already took off the cost

badz149172d ago


do you even know what a profit is?

wiz7191172d ago

@Badz @Shinoff yeah I do lol but it’s obvious you three goof troops don’t. It’s only made $73M in revenue with a budget of $81M that’s a $8M loss .. my numbers was a little off but still a loss lol


wantedboys172d ago

When you share a link read it first lol

"UPDATE 12/19: New sales information has revealed Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart was profitable for Insomniac. In addition, the leaked data was reportedly from before the launch of the game's PC port."

wiz7191172d ago

@wanted bro how much more you think it sold on PC when its struggling to hold more then 9K concurrent players on stream .. also if it was profitable like yall say why did Sony put the next on pause so Insomniac can focus on marvel IPs ??

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-Foxtrot173d ago

Not bad for an exclusive platformer

Sony needs to take more chances and do other platformers aswell as bringing old ones back, especially Jak and Daxter.

pixlz172d ago

Knack 1 was rough.
Knack 2? Surprisingly fun time. Had a lot of fun with it. It was a great game to start introducing my son into gaming.

Also not an Insomniac game. That was Marc Cerny and "Japan Studio". I'd be down for a current gen sequel, it'd be interesting to see what they'd do.

RedDevils173d ago

I prefer Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter I platinum it twice so I probably don't care about that game anymore.

DarXyde172d ago

Sly Cooper is a tough one for me. Great game, but Sucker Punch has evolved so much as a studio that it feels like their talents are underutilized by returning to the franchise.

Ghost of Tsushima was so damn good that I see great potential beyond Sly Cooper.

babadivad173d ago

Isn't this on PC or am I thinking of something else?

ziggyzinfirion172d ago

It was indeed released on PC this year 2023 but that 4 Million count, base on the article, was from its initial launch 2021 up until following 2022 which all came from PlayStation 5 alone.

itsmebryan173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

I may get R&C on my PC once I clear up my gamepass backlog.

Barlos172d ago

They need to give us a full on Astro game