5 games to play first on your new PS5

From bullet-hell shooters to spectacular RPGs, here are the best games to start your PS5 library.

DivineHand125167d ago

I would swap Returnal and MLB the show for Ratchet and Clank Rift apart and Elden Ring.

repsahj167d ago

I'll swap Elden Ring for Demons Souls remake.


Astro's Playroom Has Been Updated With New Content & PlayStation Trophies

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Team Asobi's Astro's Playroom has been updated with new content and PlayStation trophies.

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gold_drake5d ago

yeh especially the bloodborn riddle is new

Relientk775d ago

I'll probably jump back into this closer to the Astro Bot release to get hype for it.

purple1015d ago

let me get this straight, a free update, for a free game that came pre-installed on every ps5, hmm

also, Astro Bot technically one of the best selling games of all time, its sold 59.3 million - hehehe

badz1495d ago

GTA V, we're coming for that record! LOL


Final Fantasy VII Remake Trilogy vs Final Fantasy VII Original Story Comparison: Which Is Better?

Twisted Voxel: "We compare the story in the original Final Fantasy VII and the new Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy."

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The creation of a real-life Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword

PlayStation Japan: “A great sword that has been passed down from generation to generation and carries the thoughts of those who fight.”