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Xbox's ambitious roadmap might give Microsoft an edge over Sony

If Microsoft can commit to all its announced games and give developers the freedom and support to build these titles, the Xbox brand might finally come out on top.

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Community180d ago
Jin_Sakai180d ago

It’s not going to happen. We get these articles every single generation.

piroh180d ago

Wait till the E3...oh wait

thorstein180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Wait till Xbox One Series 360 SX

Microsoft: I forgot how to count

Terry_B180d ago

Look up who submitted it here ;)

Rockstar180d ago

Our good friend Obscure!

Zeref180d ago

It's simple math. It's already happening in fact. This year Xbox put out more games than Sony. Xbox will consistently produce more exclusives this generation than Sony.

sagapo180d ago

Even if what you state is true, Xbox doesn’t really have “system sellers” to compete with Sony.
They still have some promising ones in the pipeline for 2024 tho, so we’ll see.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that Xbox doesn’t have good games, they do, but the console sales speak for themselves atm.

crazyCoconuts180d ago

Yes, they bought so many studios, it would be an utter embarrassment if they couldn't put out more games. But there's two things here:
1. The bigger the lead the cheaper third party exclusives are. So Sony could push for more of those to compensate
2. As MS has already been hinting, those might not all be exclusives.

180d ago
Rockstar179d ago

I prefer quality over quantity...

Extermin8or3_179d ago

Thrh bought so many studios I wouldn't even be surprised if that's true but the thing is gamespass appears to have hit a ceiling as to how many people are willing to subscribe to it at any one time hence such little growth in subs. It was inevitable. Those gsmes don't pay for themselves and more than r games a year (with COD being one) isn't economical infact I'd argue with budgets of 300-500 million each it isn't economical once you factor in costs for 3rd party games in the games pass library, infrastructure maintenance costs etc. On a revenue of 2.7 billion you are lucky if you make any profit at all. Maybe a couple of hundred million a year. When you just spent some 80bn on abk 8bn on zenimax investors are likely to be OK with that.

XiNatsuDragnel179d ago

Nii San I'll tell you Sony has more quality games than Xbox. Yes they had gems that I want to play but can they be consistent.

itsmebryan179d ago

We can admit Sony sells more systems. But, even Sony says in the leak they are on old pillars of success and Microsoft has leapforded them.

You bring up system sells how much profit comes from that? Not very much, they make a know fact. Microsoft doesn't need a system seller because their games will be everywhere but, Sony. They will have games and Gamepass on PC, Xbox, Nintendo, steam, Steam box, Nvidia, and Meta quest 3 just to name a few. With Gamepass alone they are making
at least $300 million a month with subscribers and it continues to grow. PS5 is not making that with console sell and not with their spars 1st party lineup. What coming in 2024? TLOU2 again and Venom DLC that should have been part of SM2 in the first place?

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343_Guilty_Spark180d ago

And you cry about Microsoft ever single day.

Crows90180d ago

Generation? You mean every year right?

RNTody180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Every generation? You mean every year, Jin! It's simply because Xbox delivers everything except amazing games.

1Victor180d ago

That is the beauty of road maps they can show a clear sky and end of spring early summer breeze like the Xbox ONE or it could take a left turn into a field full of tornadoes like the E3 Xbox ONE reveal.

What will happen stay tune the obscured observer bot show

Profchaos179d ago

Yeah but big daddy gates can just buy the industry now something they couldn't do a few gens ago

PassNextquestion179d ago

Yeah but this time they have spent over 69 billion dollars on studios

Extermin8or3_179d ago

Problem is that investment is needed again to actually keep those acquisitions releasing games.

FinalFantasyFanatic179d ago

We get these articles every month, Xbox just can't compete, not because they don't have the money or the studios, they just can't manage their resources well enough to pull out a long string of victories.

itsmebryan179d ago

What 1st party games are you looking forward to in 2024 from Sony?

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gold_drake180d ago

i feel like we've heard that before.
many many times

Barlos180d ago

Yup. From the same person that wrote this article, strangely enough.

purple101180d ago

some ones been on the egg-nog

FinalFantasyFanatic179d ago

Not only that, but they've put a sh*t ton of alcohol in it too.

KicksnSnares180d ago

My most anticipated game next year on Xbox is Stalker 2. Hopefully, it doesn’t slip to 2025. It looks like it's going to be a masterpiece