KillZone 2: Who Or What Are The Helghast?

For those assuming KillZone 2 is just another 'alien shoot-em up' type of game, you'll be surprised to learn who the Helghast actually are and more interestingly, how Helghan came to be. Although separated by vast distances in space, you will learn that humanity is the focal element of the story; the ISA and the Helghast have more in common than meets the eye.

Unfortunately, the KillZone 2 website's navigational design isn't going to win any awards, and so for best viewing the Official PS Forums have the story line - in full - outlined in detail. Alternatively, you can select to view the storyline through GG's official website.

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Spike473570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

the most. Aliens don't have to look like damn overgrown frogs.

EDIT: Meus, then what are they? I assume they are aliens because they are from another planet but then again I don't know much about the story.

Jager3570d ago

Actually, the Helghast are Humans, but the Enviroment of Helghan had mutated them to an extent, making them tougher, stronger, etc...

The Helghast are actually Humans who were exiled from Vekta (ISA world) and forced to live on Helghan...

Carbide73570d ago

Helghast Era (2340-2357):

The tough conditions finally spawn social and economic change. Forced to adapt to a situation so tough that mere humans could never survive it, a charismatic new leader pronounces the birth of the Helghast people: a people no longer human, with a bold drive and vision to succeed."

Birth of the Helghast (2347):


"Visari coins the term Helghast in a public speech. Its purported origin is from the Old English word 'gast', meaning spirit, or ghost, connoting great fear. Visari states that they are no longer what they once were - where they were once human and spiritless, their generations on Helghan, their sufferings; these have forged them into a new race, the only truly 'living' race. Whatever the etymology, the name sticks."

Bonsai12143570d ago

Jager got it right. i remember reading canon for this game back before the first killzone came out. i was fascinated by it.

Cwalat3570d ago

They are mutated human beings, simple as that.

The bad climate conditions of the planet Helghan has forced the inhabitors to mutate inorder to survive.

Thus making them stronger, and giving the ISA one hell of a fight.

Torch3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I've recently started playing through Killzone: Liberation, to serve as an appetizer for next month.

So far, I'm not that far into the game, but I haven't learned anything groundbreaking yet.

Can anyone here who's played through Liberation know if the game will help immerse me into the general Killzone universe, or would anyone recommend that I actually pick up the first Killzone (if I can find it, that is.)

MiloGarret3570d ago

I don't care who they are or what they want, I just know they have to die.

Rofflecopter3570d ago

man, and people say MGS has a twisted plot. its more intense, but this is pretty thick!

InMyOpinion3569d ago

The Helghast = 360 fanboys.

Enjoy! ;)

lociefer3569d ago

am i the only 1 that feels we'r playing on the wrong side of this war ? i mean , all the helghasts wanted to do is get some kinda revenge and u guyz gotta admitt , they were really raped on their planet , now we'r exterminating them, but w/e , gonna kill the cr.ap outta them in the game :)))))))))))))

hynesa023569d ago

i agree! the Helgahst bought their system from the UCN, it was their own therefore the ISA are the invaders and the Helghast are only trying to repel invaders from their home lands!!

Giriath3569d ago

The ISA are also Helghans. UCN personnel only settled on Vekta after the first extrasolar war. I have to agree that the UCN were the bad guys of the first war. They were simply jealous that the Helghan had been more succesful than them, and now generated a huge profit which they thought should've been theirs.

The tariff put on passing ships by the Helghan was indeed uneseccary, but why should they do everything for free when they have already payed the UCN for the rights of the Alpha Centauri system twice? The tariff certainly didn't warrant the UCN expanding the UCA Navy for the sole purpose of putting the Helghan under their shoe. And they got the money do to so by putting heavier tariffs on space travel and taxes on its colonies than ever before. Even worse than what the Helghan were doing!

And if humanity doesn't suffer because of their tariffs and taxes which end up in the UCA, then what right to they have to demand compliance of the Helghan when they use the money gathered from their tariffs not only to help themsleves, but also the rest of humanity?

shawnsl653569d ago

"The Helghast = 360 fanboys. "

how dare you mock the helghast. I would pick to play the helghast campaign if there's one out through DLC later.

BattleAxe3569d ago

Don't be so dumb, go read the storyline provided for you after you hit the link.

After reading the storyline, I think they should make a 3 part movie series for this. Great story, but I only wish that the first Killzone game hadn't been so disapointing. It would be cool if they could remake the original Killzone to have the graphics and gameplay that the new one has.

Looking forward to Killzone 2!

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grantps33570d ago

they were people from vecktar or whatever, and they went to colonize that planet...they mutated and adapted to the harsh envirement.

charles darwin's finches is a fine example....except they arent finches, they are human

edwineverready3570d ago

Just check out they go into great detail about the story.

peedie163570d ago

I don't think they are alien at all they are human I believe

RedVsBlue3570d ago

The concept is nothing new. I wonder if the game will start with a voice over by Patrick Stewart saying "Helghast"

Graphics Whore3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

You Xbox Fanboy's really don't stop do you. Have fun with Halo Wars.

Your history says you recently purchased a PS3? I Wonder why.

Firstkn1ghT3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Dam you are so sensitive! He just stated a fact.

Graphics Whore3570d ago

I'm sensitive? Dude you have an official pwn list lol. Insecure or what.

thebudgetgamer3570d ago

that would be sweet Patrick Stewart has an awesome voice


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