Gamers Are Finally Realizing Starfield Was Always Mid

After it failed to get a single Game of the Year nomination, many players are realizing Starfield was always a very mediocre title.

phoenixwing125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I knew it was average but the only reason people are noticing for real is because Bethesdas lazy a$$ won't use a new engine. An up to date engine would have allowed them to trick everyone into thinking the game is OK. How you ask? Simple new engine would have fixed the following: 1. Loading screens from segment to segmant
2. Open world feel. it would have been connected on a new engine instead of in segments
3. Graphics would have been better as well
If those were fixed ppl might have defended it more easily. But they wanted to use the old engine. So it has those immersion breaking things along with the skeleton of the game such as repeated bases and treasures and lifeless planets hampering things. It's just atrocious.

Until Bethesda gets a new engine I'm not buying their games that use the outdated one. I have too much respect for myself.

What's the point of playing the new elder scrolls at this point? Its just going to be starfield all over again.

All we need now is Todd telling me old engines are a feature.

lucian229124d ago

i knew it sucked since they said it had 1000 planets lmao

ironmonkey123d ago

I think they meant those little rocks that float around your ship while in linear walls of space.

DigitallyAfflicted123d ago

Shhhhh, Don't tell the developers, they get upset…

GhostScholar124d ago

This is easily their best looking game. Some of the vistas in the game are stunning. What are you running it on a crt?

Yui_Suzumiya124d ago

Probably running it on a Gameboy, lol

XBManiac124d ago

Nothing some mods on Steam version can't fix: https://youtu.be/R9maLsar4O...

XBManiac124d ago

10 years in development... remember.

Profchaos124d ago

So was duke Nukem forever, dead island 2 and I guess now GTA 6.

Time is never a determination of quality

itsmebryan123d ago

Well at least it came out. I don't know what people were expecting from Starfield? I don't play RPGs and i really enjoy the game and play it whenever i get a chance. It has s much to do and so many ways to play. For me the space combat is the problem. Maybe it's me.

It took nearly 4 year to cancel TLOU factions. I wonder how much time and money was wasted on that game to never come out.

VincentVanBro123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

The game had no edge, no graphical upgrade would fix that. Freedom of choice and an immersive game world isn't an engine problem. Fallout New Vegas was made 13 years ago and still has a better story and a much sharper edge. In Starfield, the seediest place in the known galaxy is essentially just discount Night City with the most generic ideas on display.

Chevalier123d ago


This is a great explanation of why this game is so mid

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gold_drake125d ago

i think we all knew.
well, most of us.

Leeroyw124d ago

Obscure Observer would like a word please.

kayoss124d ago

I laughed way too hard at this.

Chevalier123d ago

A word for him turns into a novel, but, more like a fan fiction where Phil saves the day. Lol.

ChiefofLoliPolice122d ago

Of course he would. Where is that Phil Spencer brown noser when you need him.

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neutralgamer1992124d ago

We all know it’s the average game, and the only reason it got even any sort of defending is because it’s Xbox exclusive, so that fanbase is going out of his way to deny the fact that it is average

Yesterday or the day before I saw some comments from Xbox fans saying how this game will be much better in one year we all need to stop letting these publishers off the hook man. Now not only are we defending them we are even OK with them launching the games now and fixing it later

Phil Spencer played with fire, and I believe Xbox brand is caught on fire right now, in literal sense, because it’s not selling and third-party games, barely sell any on Xbox. There was talk from Xbox side. The next GTA should be on game pass day one and boulders gate 3 should launch day one on game pass. And if something doesn’t launch on game pass, they simply wait till it does

After all the momentum gain during the Xbox 360 days to see the Xbox brand where it is today is truly saddening I don’t think this was the original vision for Bill Gates and Don Matrick. Did an amazing job if you compare it to what’s going on today with Xbox.

shinoff2183124d ago

The day one stuff I think was a bad idea. And I say that as someone who has used it. As a overall gamer even though I'm more of a Sony fan, it's bad business imo. Older stuff, maybe after a time period but the day one is killer to sales.

Profchaos124d ago

In all fairness I think congratulating Don Matrick is a mistake he took a console and a division that Peter Moore was running amazingly and turned it into Kinect and tv tv tv cause those casual gamers are the big money and Xbox faithful will wait for us the end result they don't wait.

I don't like Philip he's the definition of two faced but he wasn't the source of the problem

FinalFantasyFanatic124d ago

It was pretty obvious what it was going to be before release, I just think some people gas-lighted themselves into thinking it would be better.

gold_drake124d ago

pretty powerful stuff if you can actually pull that off ha.

Knightofelemia125d ago

For a game to be sucking up more cash then a black hole the game is mediocre I am not surprised.

Rude-ro123d ago

All about marketing and paying content creators.
People are so easily duped out of their money and Microsoft spends billions perfecting it,

“Do not sell what the people want to buy, make people buy what you are selling.”
Bill gates

-Foxtrot125d ago

Just a shame more people can’t admit the obvious downward decrease in quality compared to pat Bethesda games. If it wasn’t an exclusive more people would have ripped into it and called Bethesda out.

Leeroyw124d ago

Yet all the paid "gaming journalists" cashed their cheques and gave perfect scores in most cases. Don't put this back on the "gamers".

Yui_Suzumiya124d ago

You gonna say the same thing when GTAGAY comes out? Lol