New tentacle monster revealed for Resident Evil 5

This probably doesn't come as any sort of a shocker, knowing the Japanese and their love of tentacles, but a new tentacle monster has been revealed for Capcom's latest entry of the popular survival horror series. While not much is known behind the creature, it's expected the monster will be a reoccuring boss character that will continually haunt player's in the upcoming Resident Evil 5.

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Dark_Overlord3571d ago

just love tentacle monsters :-D

822119863571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I can only say this much after playing the preview and under strict NDA's...

gauntletpython3571d ago

If theres one thing I will miss about the westernization of Japanese games, it will be the the complete and disappointing lack of tentacles.

Arsenic133571d ago

Reminds me of Marcus/leech queen.

Heldrasil3571d ago

Same here, I am playing through Zero again and noticed the similarities...Zero does have much to do with the Progenitor virus, so maybe it is a cousin...

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